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Utahns Raising Hell, the Snowball Mystery, Profitable Pablum 

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Utahns Raising Hell

Are we noticing similarities between Utah and Libya? Well, maybe not, but we’ve got Uprising Madness nonetheless. What does it matter that Tim DeChristopher broke the law? Protesting Utahns said, “Down with legality; up with morality.” DeChristopher knew the risks, and so did the throngs who stood vigil during his three-day trial. As if that weren’t enough righteous indignation, protests are springing up around HB477—Government Records Amendments, aka Demise of the Right to Know. Twitter and Facebook have jammed with a public outcry. Utah Citizens Against Secret Government and Shine a Light on Government both are rallying; media and advocacy groups paid for a full-page ad in both local daily newspapers and The Salt Lake Tribune ran a rare front-page editorial aiming at any conscience the governor might have. Polls show virtually no one supports this legislation. Still, the whole idea of mass uprising must really chap the Legislature.

The Snowball Mystery
Snowball, the Tweeting feral cat @Utferalcat, has provided some needed comic relief amid a generally horrific legislative session. Who is Snowball? All we really know is that he uses a BlackBerry and has encouraged other Tweeters like UTFieldMice who support HB477 because they don’t think their conversations with legislators are any business of feral cats. Snowball, however, is glad that his love letters to Holly on the Hill are protected. He confirms he has “tiger blood,” like Charlie Sheen, and while he equates “feral” with “freedom,” he also notes, “The Senate is shooting down House immigration bills like they were feral animals at a Patrick Henry Caucus cottage meeting.”

Profitable Pablum
Edit The King’s Speech? You’ve gotta be kidding. No, this isn’t a Utah idea. A few in Utah tried the film editing route before and ended up having to close after being threatened with lawsuits. In this case, the distributor—The Weinstein Company—wants to turn the film into a PG-13 version to make more money by taking out the F-bomb that the king’s therapist used as an anti-stuttering tool. The national debate surrounding the editing is about the censorship issue, which Weinstein rejects. They own the film, and after all—it’s just business, stupid. Unless it’s art.
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