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    • Citizen Revolt: Nov. 15

      Learn about our country's present dangers and future of democracy, march for animal rights, and help the homeless stay warm this winter.

        Worried about the fascist direction of our country? You should be, and it takes a nation to turn things around.

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    • Citizen Revolt: Nov. 8

      Don't miss the chance to celebrate our gender-diverse community, learn about recent watershed issues and hear from the experts on our shrinking wild lands.
        The 10th Annual Genderevolution Conference proudly celebrates "A Decade of Love"
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    • Citizen Revolt: Nov. 1

      Learn the facts and startling stories behind human trafficking. Register to vote! And join a discussion about terrorism, its roots and the role of Islam.
        When you live in a monolithic and largely naïve state like Utah, it's hard to understand the reach of human trafficking.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Oct. 25

      Evan McMullin is back to talk about Washington's dysfunction, learn how to help end the school-to-prison pipeline and help call the public about Proposition 3.
        McMullin will be joined by former Republican Rep. David Jolly and former Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy to talk Washington gridlock
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    • Citizen Revolt: Oct. 18

      Meet some of the women running for office, learn about everything else on the ballot come November and discuss available programming to help Salt Lake's homeless population.

        The first of a three-part series from the Power Network features Women Who Run, introducing you to some of the trailblazing female candidates on the November ballot.

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    • Citizen Revolt: Oct. 11

      Candidates get a chance to meet our youth, unpack those ballot initiatives and March for Our Lives gets creative.
        Who do you think will show up? So often office-holders and candidates are too arrogant to get down and dirty with the masses.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Oct. 4

      Listen to refugee stories, hear from climate change experts and find healing for sexual assault through art.
        Utah is one of the most welcoming states to refugees from around the world.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Sept. 27

      Hear from the District Attorney candidates, join supporters of Proposition 2 and run against gerrymandering.
        Now’s the time to get up close and personal with the people who may be prosecuting you or someone you know.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Sept. 20

      Build relationships in the Native American community affected by human trafficking, learn about Utah's history through transportation, and experience the journey of a refugee.
        For generations, Native Americans have had to deal with the hidden crisis of human trafficking within their communities.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Sept. 13

      Be a part of Salt Lake's push for renewable energy, help out with housing and spread the word on Utah's Medical Cannabis Act.
        Hear how Utahns can achieve the goals set out in the 2016 Paris Agreement on Climate Change—even if the president of the United States won't.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Sept. 6

      Hear from local activists and candidates, learn about the path to electing more women and get straight to the facts.
        In case you didn't notice, "people" means you.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Aug. 30

      Learn about the benefits of dark skies, embrace skateboard diplomacy and get the latest on Utah's nuclear threat.
        Did you try to see the latest meteor shower? It probably didn't end well because of the pervasive light pollution.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Aug. 23

      Learn about Utah’s initiative for Medicaid, speak up about the San Rafael Swell and hear first-hand accounts of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis.
        You’re going to be hearing a lot of pushback from opponents of the four ballot initiatives that you, the people of Utah, have agreed to vote on.
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    • Citizen Revolt Aug. 16

      This week, welcome your homeless neighbors and help local organizations feed and hydrate them.
        You might know that Frida Bistro has changed its fare, but did you know it's changed its purpose?
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    • Citizen Revolt: Aug. 9

      Join HEAL Utah's voter registration drive, learn about wildlife conservation and get a dose of civic engagement 101.
        Don't fall for the line that voting doesn't matter because it obviously does.
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    • Citizen Revolt: Aug. 2

      Help prepare schoolchildren for the year ahead, learn how to take action for our national monuments and help host your own community political conversation.
        You live in Utah where funding for education is abysmal. Here's a chance to help students get ready for the year ahead.
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    • Citizen Revolt: July 26

      Help save the San Rafael Swell, fill in gaps where the homeless need assistance, and hear about the badass women who helped pave the road to equality.
        A bill by Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. John Curtis protects only about a third of the 1.5 million acres proposed for wilderness designation.
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    • Citizen Revolt: July 19

      Here's your chance to sit down with tribal leaders to hear the story of Bears Ears and why it is so deeply spiritual to Native Americans.
        Hear the story of Bears Ears, strategies to end racial profiling and take to the streets to advocate for Medicaid expansion.
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    • Citizen Revolt: July 12

      Learn how to be a welcoming member of the city's refugees; attend the March For Our Lives town hall and get the inside scoop on November's four ballot initiatives.
        We know what President Trump thinks of refugees, but Salt Lake City and, in fact, Utah as a whole, have a different idea.
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    • Citizen Revolt: July 5 and Beyond

      Help feed homeless youth, discuss our transportation's future and get to know your new neighbors with the Inn Between.
        You can help feed young people who have no safe options by joining an ongoing effort to provide meals at the Volunteers of America Youth Homeless Center.
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    • Citizen Revolt: June 28

      Rally for families separated at the southern border, reach out to homeless teens and lend a helping hand to the other homeless this 4th of July.
        The Families Belong Together Rally unites the country around a common message of inclusion and caring.
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    • Citizen Revolt: June 21

      Help pack snack and hygiene kits for Salt Lake area students; teens can join youth leadership and activism conference and stop by World Refugee Day at Fairmont Park.
        Join United Way and volunteers around the country on a day to do good. This year, volunteers will pack snack and hygiene kits for students at all United Way of Salt Lake Community Schools.
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    • Citizen Revolt: June 14

      Have your voice heard about the pending inland port; learn how to help fight hunger and don't forget about the latest interim session.
        The secretive Inland Port Authority will hold its first meeting, and still has no plans to engage the public.
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    • Citizen Revolt: June 7

      Join those standing up for children separated because of deportation; take part in a community iftar and learn more about the U.S.-North Korea relationship.
        Whether you support deportation or not, you should stand up for the rights of families and recognize the inherent risks of separating children from their guardians.
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    • Citizen Revolt: May 31

      It's Pride Week so get to the march and rally at the Capitol; take a moment to stand against gun violence and hear stories about the internment of Japanese Americans at Topaz.
        Take the whole week to celebrate gender diversity and acceptance, but for sure join Utah Pride Week—March & Rally at the Capitol in peaceful protest.
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