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    • Fried and True

      Curry Fried Chicken is the fusion restaurant we deserve.
        Fusion happens when you belly up to a bar to have your nose tingle as the smell of curry and samosas seamlessly blend with the smell of frying oil and crispy chicken.
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    • Laid Back

      With my mind on my poke and my poke on my mind.
        Instead of arriving at the table demurely wrapped in nori, poke is piled high on top of a bowl of rice in glorious heaps—its level of casual familiarity lends itself to large, nonjudgmental portions.
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    • In Pizza We Trust

      Despite sudden relocation, Spedelli's continues to deliver the goods.
        Don't be fooled by the Bentleys and boob jobs—those socialites in the Harvard and Yale neighborhoods love a good slice just as much as the rest of us. They don't call them the upper crust for nothing.
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    • Schmidt Just Got Real

      From bienenstich to layer cakes—Schmidt's Pastry Cottage has you covered.
        The space used to be home to Grandpa Maddox Restaurant, a mid-level steakhouse that saw a lot of traffic from my folks when they wanted to get their prime rib on.
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    • Zest of Utah

      Lazy Day Café serves up bold comfort food flavors in unassuming packages.
        It's replete with authentic diner vibes: Line cooks chat politely with customers as they whip up bacon and eggs, art born of kitschy idioms dominates the wall space, and breakfast—hallowed be its name—is available all day.
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    • How They Roll

      No sense is left unsatisfied at Sapa Sushi Bar & Grill.
        One step over the threshold and the bustle of State Street seems to melt away, while you enter what feels like a different time and place.
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    • Tongue Trifecta

      On the hunt for the city's best tacos de lengua.
        The meat looks just like cubed beef, but there are some distinctive bumps and ridges that subtly remind you that, yep, that's tongue you're eating.
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    • Pupusa Perfection

      Salvadoran hole-in-the-wall Juanita Restaurant fills the pupusa-shaped hole in your stomach.
        It's a cozy little spot that's easy to miss when you're cruising through the Central Ninth neighborhood, but it's definitely a good excuse to stop and smell the loroco.
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    • Hawaii Five-Mo'

      Experience a taste of the tropics—and a full belly—at Mo' Bettahs.
        It's no surprise that a place like Mo' Bettahs caught on in Utah.
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    • H Marks the Spot

      Hires Big H remains Utah burger royalty.
        There’s a pretty good chance that one of the first burgers I ever tried—not made by my mom, that is—came from Hires Big H
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    • From Russia With Love

      The Galley Grill is kicking kvass and taking names.
        The cuisine of Eastern Europe is designed to sustain life through the same winter that defeated Napoleon and Hitler.
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    • This Is the [Other] Place

      Three decades into its stint, 300 South eatery is a local institution.
        During a visit to Cabin Fever in Trolley Square, I came across a kitschy coffee table book called "Dads Are the Original Hipsters" by Brad Getty.
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    • Tap That

      East Liberty Tap House is the gastropub 9th & 9th deserves.
        Given the fact that 9th & 9th is one of Salt Lake's trendiest neighborhoods, it's surprising that a place like East Liberty Tap House didn't open decades ago.
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    • Broth City

      Pho 33 serves exactly what it says—and that's a good thing.
        Ever since I tried the Peruvian, tripe-centric soup called patasca for one of my first food articles, I had a feeling that the rubbery stomach lining might pop up on my radar a few more times.
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    • Spanish Fly

      Holladay's Café Madrid makes tapas sexy again.
        Whenever I see a place that claims to have great tapas, I get a little suspicious.
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    • The Dude Cakes Abide

      Vertical Diner continues its plant-based comfort-food legacy.
        Despite my carnivorous tendencies, Utah's vegan restaurants and I are simpatico.
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    • Halal in the Family

      After 20 years in business, Curry in a Hurry is a Salt Lake institution.
        When you make it your business to get the skinny on Salt Lake's food scene, it's not long before you pay a visit to Curry in a Hurry.
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    • Get These Cookies!

      Round out your summer with some of Utah's best biscuits.
        American snack culture is having a cookie renaissance, and I know I'm not the only one who's embracing it.
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    • Tamales, Tortas and Tires

      Victor’s Tires & Restaurant offers vehicle service with a side of hearty Mexican food.
        Before my maiden voyage to Victor's Tires & Restaurant, I knew about the place by reputation—the Mexican restaurant adjoining a tire shop is highly praised throughout the City Weekly bullpen, earning a 2017 Best of Utah award.
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    • Hands-on Environment

      Fingers are favored over forks at Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant.
        If I had the ability to do so, I'd make sure that every meal I ever ate came with a tall stack of flat carbs like naan, lavash or tortillas.
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    • Big Kitsch on the Prairie

      Get stuffed at Ogden's Prairie Schooner.
        If there were a Venn diagram that included the categories "in Ogden," "craving a steak" and "possessed of a crippling need to eat inside a covered wagon," then The Prairie Schooner would land smack-dab in the middle of it.
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    • Rockin' Robin

      In a sea of delis, Robin's Nest sings its own sandwich song.
        When taking stock of any American city's food scene, you'd be hard-pressed to find a food genre as ubiquitous as the sandwich.
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    • Of Humans and Hummus

      Laziz owners Moudi Sbeity and Derek Kitchen on food, love and community.
        Community has always been Utah Pride's focal point, and good food has always played a crucial role in any community.
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    • Pie High

      Find "conscious entrepreneurism" and a pot-pie-filled menu at The Dispensary.
        Most successful restaurants spend years trying to perfect the marriage of atmosphere and menu.
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    • That's Amore!

      Experiencing Italian Village with Mom.
        Since Mother's Day is this week, I decided to invite my mom to visit Italian Village with me for this article.
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