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  • Rock the Goat!

    Tacos at Rose Park's El Cabrito are in a field all their own.
      Despite goat being the most consumed red meat in the world, it has yet to catch on widely stateside.
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  • Holey Doughnut Empire

    Behold the lords and ladies of Utah's doughnut scene.
      Quick confession: Doughnuts never ranked very high on my list of baked goods.
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  • Viva la Vegan!

    Boltcutter's plant-based Mexican food spices up Gallivan Avenue.
      It wasn't long after I became a lifelong fan of Buds and its creative lineup of plant-based deli sandwiches that I learned about owners Alex Jamison and Roxy Carlson's next conquest.
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  • In Excess

    Experiencing a new sensation and confronting existential dread at Chuck-A-Rama.
      In the end, I suppose that's the lesson those of us whose metabolism has decreased considerably with age can learn from visiting a place like this.
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  • Table for One?

    Eat your feelings at these six comfort food spots.
      Every time Valentine's Day rolls around, I can't help but think of the time a good friend of mine got brutally dumped on this fateful day of the Cupid.
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  • Don't Mess With TX

    Kaiser's Bar-B-Q brings Lone Star tradition to the Beehive State.
      For those of you who are under the impression that barbecue is a Saturday spent grilling burgers over a propane-powered grill, it's time to set the record straight.
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  • Hot Pot Hot Spot

    It's Tofu is exactly what you need to jump into Korean food culture.
      Some might argue that it's the server's job to instruct first-time diners about how to navigate the food, but I happened to enjoy the distinct lack of a "Have you dined with us before?"
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  • Escape to Starch Mountain

    After nearly 40 years in the biz, The Belgian Waffle & Omelet Inn is a Utah institution.
      While the waffles are the place's trademark, its secret weapon is something known only as Garbage Hash.
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  • Special Effect

    Lake Effect quenches downtown Salt Lake's thirst for hip style.
      It's ironic that when most people go out to eat, physical nourishment is rarely their top priority.
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  • The Tripe Stuff

    Machu Picchu delivers a taste of the Andes to the Wasatch Front.
      Like the Incan ruins from which this South Salt Lake gem takes its name, Café Machu Picchu is a treasure trove of mystery that begs to be explored.
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  • How Sweet It Is

    Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade takes center stage.
  • Turn, Turn, Turn

    Seasons Plant-Based Bistro changes up the game.
      Taking over the space of the former Bakery Street, Seasons opened its doors in October of this year, but the impeccable décor and knowledgeable staff evoke a distinct air of experience.
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  • Unfor-goat-able

    Makanmakan brings killer Asian street food to Sandy.
      Makanmakan opened its doors a couple of months back with a mission to celebrate Asian street food by preparing a cultural mixtape of dishes from all over the continent.
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  • Flavor on the Western Front

    Nomad Eatery ups the ante for off-airport eats.
      When someone mentions "eating near the airport"—Salt Lake City International Airport, that is—one place generally comes to mind: Red Iguana.
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  • Under the Christmas Tree

    Holiday gifts for cooks, foodies and winos
      If your holiday gift shopping is stuck in a rut, we're here to help—especially if you're looking for interesting and useful presents for cooks, foodie friends or wine lovers.
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  • SOMI Oh My!

    A vibrant Vietnamese addition to Sugar House dining
      If you're thinking that SOMI is probably just another Vietnamese pho emporium, think again. It is on the menu, but this is an upscale eatery with much more than just pho to offer.
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  • Pub Appeal

    Porcupine Pub & Grille has a new location near the U.
      With the recent opening of a second Porcupine Pub & Grille, fans of the Porc have a new place to congregate—and they're doing so in droves.
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  • Hot Dynasty

    Feeling the heat at Hot Dynasty
      I seem to be writing about Chinese restaurants with frequency lately. And, that's a good thing, because it means the list of Chinese restaurants in our culinary community is expanding beyond Little World, J. Wong's and Red Maple—the dependable "go-tos"—worthy of your time and money.
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  • Manoli's

    Upscale, innovative Greek cuisine comes to downtown Salt Lake City
      For too many years now, my culinary colleagues and I have lamented the lack of upscale Greek cuisine in Salt Lake City. Sure, there are dozens of perfectly good places to find a great gyro or souvlaki.
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