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Utah Couple Brings the Heat With Chili Beak 

Smoky chili oil adds addicting spice to popcorn, soups and even ice cream


It’s time to add some spice to your life with a new Utah product—Chili Beak.

Chili Beak is a smoky, spicy chili oil created by Jason and Giselle McClure. The Utah couple hand-roast batches of Mexican chilies and spices before blending them with sunflower and sesame oils and finishing with a touch of garlic and Utah’s Real Salt. The result is a bold, medium-heat condiment that adds distinctive flavor to soups, mayonnaise, pastas and more.

“We don’t use ginger or sugar,” ingredients that are common in Asian-style chili oils, Jason says. And unlike in hot sauces or salsas, there is no vinegar or tomato in Chili Beak. The less abrasive, less acidic final product allows consumers to enjoy the nuanced flavors of the roasted chile de arbol. And Chili Beak is both vegan and gluten-free, making it an attractive product to a wide variety of consumers.

“We use a combination of the finest Mexican chiles in our recipe with chile de arbol being the main one,” he says. “These chiles are dried, ground into small flakes and roasted. We include the seeds to bring out the best flavors and highest heat possible.”

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The McClures began selling Chili Beak in August, and it’s already for sale in 15 stores along the Wasatch Front. Beginning Nov. 8, they’ll be sampling at the Downtown Winter Farmers Market every other Saturday. “We love to take the time to educate consumers about the uses of Chili Beak,” Jason says. “We love Chili Beak on most meals, but the real treats are Chili Beak on popcorn, olives and Laziz hummus.” He also reports that repeat buyers are enjoying Chili Beak’s delicate balance between flavor and heat on everything from ice cream to ceviche.

The mission behind Chili Beak, the couple says, is to build stronger communities through food. “We want to inspire people to enjoy their food with friends and family—since food seems to taste better when shared,” Jason says.

The McClures are in development on several new products, including both a spicier and less spicy version of the original Chili Beak oil, as well as Chili Beak-flavored prepared foods such as popcorn, olives and cheeses.


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