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Friday, May 8

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With creativity and concern for the ecosystem of the Great Salt Lake, artists Jim Frazer and Suzanne Simpson—along with 25 artists from Westminster College, the University of Utah and the surrounding community—address the reality that the Great Salt Lake is not an immutable entity but a fragile ecosystem, corrupted by interference from human activity. unravel/REVEALED addresses this in a performance lasting 24 hours, using expressive powers of choreographed dance, video and sculpture to connect the audience with an awareness of the prodigious danger facing the Great Salt Lake’s ecosystem.

The monumental project will engage many of the viewer’s senses, but Frazer and Simpson hope to engage an inner sense. With water depletion and diminishing flora and fauna, the Great Salt Lake is indeed great, but like all ecosystems it’s fragile and sensitive to unnatural forces disrupting its balance. Frazer said, “Humans may be the first species to consciously pay witness to their own demise as they permanently alter the planet.”

unravel/REVEALED @ 1700 South, roadside between 1200 East and 1300 East, Friday, May 8, 9:30 p.m.; Saturday, May 9, 8:30 p.m. UnravelRevealed.org

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