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Unofficial Best of Utah Picks 

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Do you have an “unofficial” Best of Utah pick?

Bill Frost: The Lighthouse strip club in Ogden, mostly because the sign outside is actually bigger than the bar itself.

Julie Erickson: Best stress reliever: Red Rock’s Oatmeal Stout. It sure takes the edge off Best of Utah stress!

Jeff Reese: Trapp Door. Best Thursday night awesomeness!

Bryan Bale: Best place to buy a hookah and an Egyptian hand drum: JM Smoke Shop (2584 W. 4700 South), selling tobacco and unique gift items with friendly customer service in Taylorsville. If you’re interested in Middle-Eastern music, ask Adnan to play his oud; he’s an excellent musician.

Paula Saltas: Tabbouleh at Cedars of Lebanon, steak gyros at City Greek Express, massages from Julietta at Matrixx, facials at Cliff Lodge Day Spa in Snowbird, appetizer dips at Aristo’s, pasta chicken salad at The Other Place—no wonder I need to lose weight.

Jackie Briggs: This seems silly, but the grocer at the 6th Avenue Smith’s. He wears extravagant hats and always asks how I’m doing. Once, when I was having a bad day, he said, “You’re good a self-checking.” I was like, “Who, me?” anyway he’s cool.

Ted Scheffler: Best-kept secret: Snowbasin Resort.

Susan Kruithof: Best City Weekly department ever: Production, of course. Who else could crank out a 184-page paper and still be smiling? Plying us with alcohol didn’t hurt, either. Cheers!

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