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Pugilist-turned-pacifist Muhammad Ali once noted, “There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people.” As reported by Salt Lake City Police, Ali’s axiom is borne out in the decidedly unpleasant things people choose to do instead.

03/05/06, 17:44 Stabbing/Gang Related, 268 E. 700 South

The victim and witnesses were walking south on 300 East. When they reached 700 South, a blue Chevy Blazer pulled up next to them and the male occupants yelled a gang name, to which the victim responded with a different gang name. The males exited the vehicle and chased the victim and witnesses. They were joined by five or six other males that were in the area. One of the males stabbed the victim [a 14-year-old girl] in the back four to five times and then they fled in the vehicle. The gang investigators interviewed and then arrested a 17-year-old [male] and a 16-year-old for aggravated assault. Another [male] suspect, [18], was located and subsequently arrested for aggravated assault.


03/10/06, 10:42, Child Abuse, Primary Children’s Hospital

Officers were called to the hospital on a report of a 3-month-old child with skull fractures. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the father inflicted the injuries. [The 25-year-old male suspect] was booked on [second-degree] felony child abuse.


03/10/06, 00:45, Assault/Mayhem, 145 W. Pierpont Ave.

[The 21-year-old female suspect] was at [a bar] when she observed her brother’s ex-girlfriend there as well. The [suspect] was angry with the victim and walked up to her, [and] smashed a cocktail glass against the victim’s face, causing severe lacerations to the face and eye. The victim and her friend were taken to the hospital. The victim was in critical condition and the friend has minor cuts to her hands sustained while aiding the victim. [The suspect] was treated for cuts on the hand before being booked into jail for felony mayhem.


03/17/06, 23:41, Fight/Attempted Homicide, 62 S. Rio Grande

The 15-year-old male [suspect] got into a verbal argument with the 12-year-old victim and another 15-year-old male when all were in the video arcade at the Gateway Mall. When the victim and his friend left the arcade and were going down the escalator, they encountered the [suspect] who was hiding a long metal landscape stake behind his back. The friend fled back up the escalator. The [suspect] struck the victim in the ribs, knocking him to the ground and then struck the victim in the head, causing a severe laceration to the victim’s forehead. The 12-year-old was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The [suspect] was booked in juvenile detention for attempted criminal homicide.

Untoward03/19/06, 13:00, Robbery with Knife, 455 S. 500 East

The victim parked his car … at Smith’s Marketplace and went in to shop. … He passed the suspect'male Hispanic adult, 30s, 5’10”, black hair, black “scruffy” beard, dark pants, and dark shoes'who was panhandling at the entrance to the store. When the victim was leaving the store with his groceries, he was approached by the suspect and asked for spare change. The victim told the suspect that he didn’t have any and proceeded to his car. As he was placing his groceries in the car, the suspect again approached him but this time asked for his wallet. The suspect then produced a knife and lunged at the victim. The victim grabbed his hand and in the struggle the victim was cut on the chest. The victim punched the suspect in the face and the suspect stumbled back before retaliating in kind to the victim. When a witness appeared, the suspect ran away. The victim drove himself to the hospital.

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