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Twilite Lounge: Safe Since 1947 

Also: The Trapp Door, Bourbon House

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Twilite Lounge: Safe Since 1947
A photo booth, pool tables and a real rock fireplace are reason enough for going to any bar, but all that combined with its proximity to a police station (for safety’s sake) make Twilite Lounge (347 E. 200 South) the safest and most fun bar in town. It’s long been a favorite of Club Matters—up there with places like Cheers to You and Bar X—because of its folksy, relaxed vibe. Though the trends come and go, Twilite will always be a part of Salt Lake City, as it has been since 1947.

The Trapp Door: A Revival
The Trapp Door
(615 W. 100 South) has languished far too long, and the good people at Mad House Entertainment and Big Daddy Productions are seeing to its revival. Enter Mixx Event Center Lavish Fridays. DJ Jeffrey B (98.3 VFX) and Mad Mike (Nightsneak Entertainment) bring the sounds while you bring the party. If you’ve never been to this historic club building in what some call the heart of the nightlife district in Salt Lake City, there’s no better time than this Friday.

Bourbon House: The Lord’s Day
Sundays are the Lord’s Day, some say, and if Jesus were in town (like that wouldn’t happen), you know he’d be bro-ing down at Bourbon House (175 S. Main) on the day of rest. There are few places in town where you can get a Harp Lager and a shot of Jameson whiskey alongside a dose of funk and soul, which is courtesy of, coincidentally enough, DJ Street Jesus. In case you haven’t heard, this place sits in the basement of the Walker Center, where Monk’s House of Jazz used to reside.




Pictures from Twilite Lounge:
1. Joseph Witham, Will Richmond
2. Tess Hope, Emily Twisp
3. Chelsey Rose, Jillian Koecher

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