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Truth and Conspiracy 

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I wonder if Scott Renshaw is a lap dog of some wealthy person in power, or if he is just so sheltered from the obvious that he cannot see how Orewellian this world is becoming [“Under Control,” May 1, City Weekly].

Sure, there are so many conspiracy theories on the wind that it’s confusing. On the other hand, they can’t all be myth. There’s a lot of truth in the rumors. By my own observation, there is indeed an agenda that favors the wealthy and places burden on those of us less fortunate. I would probably find myself more in agreement with the “Angry Man” on the train, though I don’t believe the government is in any hurry to “take away our guns.” How else are we going to kill each other off?

I wonder if Renshaw has a “cognitive barometer” on society. Does he have any idea of the pressure on the middle and lower economic classes? Or is he simply another who’s been placated by the comfort and station of his social and economic status? I’m not the only one offended by his attitude toward the “Angry Man” on the train. Nor am I alone in my belief that the federal government is expecting and preparing for some kind of an uprising.

No, things are not so under control as Renshaw and many others would like to believe. In fact, for way too many of our fellow citizens, things are pretty bad and  getting worse.

Perhaps it’s time for you to wake up and take a walk down Rio Grande Street and observe the overpopulation of homeless people spilling onto 200 South, steadily growing, moving eastward. Maybe by the time they reach State Street, en mass, they won’t be so easy to ignore.

Jack Wraith
Salt Lake City

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