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Trump’s 2025 strategy for staying in power—free airplane rides. 

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Here’s a real possibility for your family’s 2025 summer vacation in our nation’s capital. You’re driving down Pennsylvania Avenue and your 10-year-old blurts out, “Hey, Dad, Mom, look at all those cool decorations around the White House.”

Sure enough. You take a quick glance and there they are—realistic plastic heads on sticks lining the perimeter fence.

Ah! There’s one you recognize. It’s Hillary Clinton. The likeness seems to be missing an eye and sports a small hatchet buried in its forehead. Strange. Then there’s another, James Comey.

Driving on, you easily make out the faces of Gen. Mark Milley, Liz Cheney, Letitia James, Hon. Juan Merchan, Alvin Bragg, Michael Cohen, Jack Smith and others. Suddenly, you notice there’s blood running down each pike. “Oh, my God,” you exclaim as the color drains from your face! They’re real!

Then you remember: This is the fulfillment of a promise. Trump vowed to take revenge, long before he slipped back into the Oval Office. At the same time, it occurs to you that Trump has immunity from this ghastly murderous display. After all, the Justice Department is firmly behind him, and what he’s done will be declared by SCOTUS as an “official presidential act.”

Of course! Trump is just getting rid of America’s traitors in order to preserve the sacred Constitution. It’s all legal.

Well, you know the saying: “Vengeance is mine.” Thus saith the Lord, a line straight out of the Bible. But it seems that God could do a much better job in meting out appropriate punishments for the worst of his kids.

He seems just a bit preoccupied, probably spending too much time surfing the web or watching his favorite teams. Considering that some of his children are just, plain awful, it appears he can’t find enough time to be a good disciplinarian. The obvious answer: He needs to delegate. Delegate!

(After all, if He spent all of His time flogging, striking people deaf and blind, and personally overseeing his grim-reaper executioners, he’d likely be totally overwhelmed. That’s far too much responsibility for one guy to handle.)

The “vengeance” advice—or command—is probably among the Top 10 most frequently-recited Biblical quotations. It was obviously intended for people of character, empathy and conscience, for the purpose of facilitating good human relations. Much akin to Jesus’s admonition to “Judge not that ye be not judged,” it contains truly sagacious advice, pressing the understanding that cultivating and preserving peace and harmony requires a degree of forbearance—and that knee-jerk fisticuffs and artillery are a bad response.

That said, it has also occurred to me that the edict for non-retribution—though spoken by a great voice of wisdom—may only serve the chumps, and it can certainly lead to disastrous mistakes and a devastating end. Dangerously risky advice? Non-retribution may be used as a catch-all excuse for people who don’t have the strength to stand up for themselves. It's related to “turning the other cheek,” which can easily wind you up in the emergency room. So, what should be done with a person who sees, anyone who opposes his malicious actions and aims, as an enemy?

Donald Trump has vowed that, should he get elected this year, he’s going to be doing some housecleaning—and that means retribution for anyone and everyone who has tried to bring the bastard down.

He doesn’t try to hide the fact that his plan is to destroy all opposition. With broad control over the Justice Department, and the frightening pronouncements of the SCOTUS justices he personally appointed, he will use his power to hurt and, maybe, even kill.

As you probably know, DJT has already created a list—with the help of an informal intelligence network—of government officers and employees who have had the courage to oppose his self-serving policies. And he's stated, multiple times, that on day one of his presidency—whether dictated by the voice of the people, or by a hostile takeover of our country—he’ll end the careers of these public servants.

Although there are laws against him removing federal employees from their jobs, his virtually unlimited immunity—to make and keep America TrumpCountry—makes it very likely that legal boundaries and constitutional guarantees are not going to be a deterrent to Trump’s revengeful animosity. Who knows what Trump is capable of?

And as for the women of America, they may find themselves required to wear head covers, with only their eyes showing, and be bound by a new federal law: “Women shall be seen, not heard.”

What a change that could be. Strict dress rules (for easy access), no right to refuse a man’s advances, criminalized for even thinking the word “abortion” and prevented from controlling the size of their families. In an effort to deter Trump-like bad behavior, and in deference to the Christian Right zealots, the stonings of unfaithful women could become commonplace, and LBGTQ non-standards types will find America a hostile place.

Don’t think, for a moment, that these scenarios are just the ramblings of a novelist’s mind. If Americans are stupid enough to vote Trump in for a second time, it will be the end of our country as we dreamed it could be.

Let’s face it. During Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s rule, he carried on a “dirty war” against dissidents. He was such a nice guy—gave his detractors free airplane and helicopter rides, and smiled as they were thrown to their deaths.

Pinochet’s junta was responsible for thousands of “extra-judicial” executions during his 17 year reign of horror. And, without being subject to the law, and possessing almost unlimited immunity, the heads of Trump’s opponents and critics may well end up on pikes, lining both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue.

One thing is for sure: Even a close election loss is likely to set the stage for some horrific events. Without legal oversight—and any reverence for the rules—it’s anyone’s guess. Punishing, torturing, imprisoning and killing are the tools of dictators—small people, who can only hope to hold onto their power by removing their critics.

American’s must come together to make sure this con-artist-madman-whoremonger-felon doesn’t even get close to winning the 2024.

The author is a retired businessman, novelist, columnist and former Vietnam-era Army assistant public information officer. He resides in Riverton with his wife, Carol, and their adorable and ferocious dog “Poppy.”

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