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Offenders Assemble!

Marvel's Defenders delivers the goods; Halt and Catch Fire powers down.

Warm Buzz

10 shows you slept on this summer.

Chompocalypse Now!

Before Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, a brief history of Sharknado.

Motel Hell

The Duplass Brothers check into Room 104; Sinner shows Jessica Biel's dark side.
The Duplass Brothers have created some intriguing;if not always watchable;shows for HBO.

Wicked Schtik

Descendants 2 continues the tween dream; Insecure is a Peak TV gem.
There were sooo many questions at the end of 2015's Descendants that Descendants 2 (movie, Friday, July 21, Disney Channel) was inevitable ...

Dragon On

Game of Thrones penultimately returns; Friends from College flunks out.
Despite a killer cast, Friends from College doesn't make a case to give a shit about any of them—or its worst-of-the-'90s Spotify soundtrack.

Flush the Fashion

Andy Samberg pedals Tour de Pharmacy; The Bold Type dumbs down the print.
Staging your sexy millennial drama at a magazine—you know, those glossy-paper dinosaurs found in dentist offices and Jiffy Lube waiting rooms—in 2017 makes about as much sense as publishing an actual magazine in 2017.

Go Animal

Zoo continues the critter apocalypse; Killjoys returns to invade your space.
Two years ago, I actually typed the phrase "renegade zoologist" in reference to Jackson Oz (James Wolk), the protagonist of Zoo (Season 3 premiere, Thursday, June 29, CBS).

Spandex Dreams

GLOW glorifies the ladies of '80s wrestling; Preacher is back and ballistic.
Alison Brie has had memorable supporting roles on Community and Mad, but GLOW (series debut, Friday, June 23, Netflix) is her show, all the way.

Cowboy B-Slop

The Ranch and Turn are almost done; T.J. Miller gets Meticulously Ridiculous.
Now that Netflix is addressing the Too Many Shows epidemic and just canceling stuff for the sake of canceling stuff—buh-bye Sense8, The Get Down and Marco Polo—let's get on with killing off The Ranch (Season 3 premiere, Friday, June 16, Netflix). This laugh-tracked cowpie's initial novelty of reuniting That '70s Show stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson wore off quickly, leaving just a hacky sitcom with painfully slumming co-stars (Sam Elliott and Debra Winger—WTF?). Much like Tim Allen's recently deceased Last Man Standing, The Ranch is red-state bait that thinks it's cleverly poking P.C. culture, but ultimately just comes off as lazy. F Is for Family does it better—try that.

Science Friction

Dark Matter and Wynonna Earp return; Blood Drive revs up the grindhouse.
Syfy will be "rebranded" as a—get this—science-fiction channel on June 19; never mind that it was once upon a time actually called the Sci-Fi Channel.

Beach Bummed

Flaked and Fear the Walking Dead return; Jim Jeffries takes on late-night.
Somebody must have watched the first season of Will Arnett's Flaked, right?

They Alive!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back, as are Twin Peaks and Neon Joe.
Where will the perkiest TV character ever created (cartoons included) go in Season 3?

Texas 3-Step

I Love Dick arrives for a full season; Downward Dog ain't worth a wag.
Much has been think-pieced about Transparent showrunner Jill Soloway's follow-up Amazon Prime series, I Love Dick.

911 Is a Joke

Live PD is the worst; MTV integrates movie and TV awards.
Now, I'm not saying that viewers of Live PD are immoral, brainless dirtbags for watching shakedowns of drunk college coeds. I am heavily implying it, though.

The White Stuff

Dear White People aims to expand minds; American Gods arrives to blow 'em.
A few white people were angry about the mere title of creator/director Justin Simien's 2014 film Dear White People.

Final Exit

Mary Kills People goes dark; The Handmaid's Tale goes darker.
Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas has starred in left-of-center American series like Wonderfalls and Hannibal, but Mary Kills People is probably the first to fully realize her oddly chilly/sexy potential (it's also a Canadian production, so no U.S. credit earned).

Robot Roll Call!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns; Fargo spins another frozen fable.
Season Premiere: While MST3K O.G.s Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett continue their movie-mockery biz at a staggering pace with RiffTrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000 proper still is missed.


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