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True TV | Killer Ending: Showdown at Area 51, Survivor: China, Extras and Dexter 

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Beverly Hills 90210: Season 3
The gang are seniors! David’s a rapper! Donna gets drunk! Brenda wants Dylan! Dylan wants Kelly! Kelly ODs on diet pills! Yay!

Big Love: Season 2
Bill pisses off yet another prophet; the family’s outed yet further as polygamists; Bill wants yet another wife. Lessons? Learned?

Bikini Bloodbath
High-school girls hold a (bikini) slumber party, which is crashed by a crazed chef/slasher—lesbian gym coach to the rescue!

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
The Phoenix orders a pastrami on rye with Swiss, hold the mayo, with a pasta salad on the side. And that’s just the first hour!

Jenna Jameson: Escapades
A Gold Collection re-release from 1999, back when Jenna Jameson looked human instead of like a scarecrow from the meth field.

Lost: Season 3
The old questions remain unanswered, and about 132 new ones are introduced—as well as flash-forwards! But hey, keep watchin’ …

More New DVD Releases (Dec. 11)
The Bourne Ultimatum, Dave Attell: Captain Miserable, Dirt: Season 1, Frasier: Season 10

Danzig on Books
Dark Midget Lord of Rock Glenn Danzig is apparently a literate mofo, as evidenced in this YouTube clip from an early-’90s interview wherein he takes us on a tour of his eee-vil bookshelf. Among the werewolf and Nazi lit is a book of “the stuff that got left out of the Bible,” including stories of Christ’s childhood, which Danzig sums up with, “So, Jesus killed a kid.” Boo!

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