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Trails Gentlemen's Club 

Utah's strip-club elite

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Just once, it would be nice to hear someone say, “I love Salt Lake City because of the overabundance of quality strip clubs.” I’ve come to grips that this won’t happen in my lifetime, but thankfully, among Utah’s elite, we have Trails Gentlemen’s Club (921 S. 300 West). This downtown “hoo-ha” joint’s biggest evening is Saturday, hosted by the 2012 City Weekly Best Strip Club DJ, Tyler Justice. Hearing his voice explain what’s going down on the dance floor is like listening to Sir David Attenborough on Planet Earth—you know you’re getting accurate, knowledgeable stripper narration. While you’re there, grab a $6 steak dinner or a $3 Jager shot. Mark your calendars for the Down & Dirty Weekend featuring girl-on-girl kissing contests Nov. 16 and 17.


Strip club rule No. 23: Do not pour sugar on dancers.
Ciera Clark, Sunflower Gray


Smile like your bishop just walked in.
Chloe McDaniel, Rusty Lovendahl, Brad Smith


Two reasons why damp singles could save the economy.
Shyra Hanford, Holli Montgomerie


Kid Rock-approved wait staff.
Kayla Pasborg, Kadee Cooper

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