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What’s a tradition you wouldn’t mind leaving behind—or one that you miss?

Scott Renshaw: I’m of the mind that every tradition should go away for at least a short while, so that we’re forced to take a moment to ask whether we want it back, and why.

Jackie Briggs: Growing up my parents would make us watch this old VHS TV recording of Scrooge every Christmas. I would throw a fit and beg to be able to at least get the DVD, but they loved the commercials. But as I grew up it was pretty funny to see all the old IBM and Hallmark commercials. Anyway, I now would pay a million dollars to do what I used to literally cry over having to.

Rachel Scott: Black Friday. Anything that involves a bunch of crazy people getting trampled to death or killed for a “bargain” is just insane.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Giant, tacky, inflated holiday decorations on front lawns. Not only does it look like Walmart threw up in their yard, but it makes Christmas even more depressing if there isn’t any snow to cover up all the ugly wires.

Dan Nailen: I got so many e-mails pimping various “Cyber Monday” deals. I’m ready to end that new “tradition” and call it what it is: Another day of buying stuff on the Internet to avoid sales tax.

Paula Saltas: I wish the tradition of massaging my husband’s feet every evening would go away. My back is starting to hurt. Other women still do this, right? Or am I the idiot here?

Jerre Wroble: Dysfunctional family gatherings where we ate and drank too much and got in ridiculous arguments. Now that my parents have passed away and siblings have scattered, holidays are eerily calm. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

Austen Diamond: I’ve always thought it silly to throw away the first pancake of the batch—just smother that thing in more maple syrup and give it to me!

Derek Carlisle: I think women should still come with livestock as dowries, I’d have a farm by now!
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