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This Land Is Our Land 

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Let’s see. These ranchers in Nevada—typical rich Republican Mormons—have been illegally grazing their herd of cows on federally owned public lands (the lands owned by all of us) for many years, thereby destroying the habitat of native and endangered species there. They claim it’s not an environmental issue, but a civil-rights issue—and their civil rights are being infringed upon. What about the civil rights of all us other American citizens to have a say in what happens to our federally owned public lands?

These ranchers have effectively infringed upon—and thereby destroyed—our rights. Controlling Mormon church leaders and their Mormon sheep, like all Republicans, don’t want the federal government to own or control any U.S. lands. Instead, they want rich people to own and control all land, to exploit and often destroy for their own profits.

Outrageously, by doing this, they claim that they are protecting the civil rights of all Americans. The fact that they’re also racist, misogynist and anti-LGBT puts the lie to that rallying claim that’s bringing all their fellow Nazis to defend their stealing of our lands.

Enough is enough.

Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

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