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This Isn't Mexico 

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With all this talk about immigration, let me tell you exactly what Americans want.
First of all, America belongs to Americans. This is not Mexico. If you, as a Mexican, were born here or came here, stop trying to make America your Mexico. Embrace our culture, become Americans. We are not going to become Mexicans.

Learn to speak English. English is the language of America. We are not going to speak your Spanish.

Fly our American flag here, not your Mexican flag. This is America, and our flag is the flag of this country.

Show Americans respect. Stop treating us with rudeness. Stop acting like you own this country. Stop thinking you can push us around. You moved in on us, we didn’t move in on you.

And when Americans object to people coming here illegally (breaking our laws), or running drug trafficking through our country, stop acting like we are the ones who are wrong. Stop acting like we are racists because we speak out against these practices or we stand up for our country.

You should join us and stand up for the same things. After all, America is taking care of you, providing you with a better life, feeding you, employing you, educating your kids, providing you with medical and health services, allowing you driver’s licenses and giving you a safer environment in which to live, free of drug lords and violence.

Instead of just taking from America, maybe you should give something back to it. Maybe it’s time to stand up and be proud and be grateful to America. Maybe it’s time to be American.

Ryan Patrick
Salt Lake City

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