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This Is What Love Looks Like 

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As I walked into the Salt Lake County Government Building on the night of Dec. 20 to offer my officiating services, I was gobsmacked. The line of same-sex partners eagerly waiting to get marriage licenses was a sight I will never forget. I had to take a few minutes to catch my breath and take it in.

“This is what love looks like,” I thought to myself.

Couples of all ages, from all walks of life. They had their children, parents and lifelong friends with them to stand as witnesses to this momentous day—a day many thought would never come. Not here. Not in Utah.
I heard the question asked over and over: “Is this really happening?!?!” We all felt as if we were in a dreamland. No one wanted to burst the bubble for fear of waking us all up.

“Look! Those are our names!” one gentleman said, showing his marriage license to his sweetheart of 14 years.
“We’ve been ready for this day for 26 years,” another couple said before saying “I do.”

I believe in marriage equality. I believe in equal rights. There are many in this state, in my own family, who do not. I couldn’t help but wish that those on the other side of this issue were there that night to witness the love and commitment. The commitment was already there—it has been for years. That night, our gay friends were treated as equals, for the very first time.

What a beautiful thing.

Megan Looney
Salt Lake City

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