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The World of Steaks 

There's the Beef: A new convert to red meat.

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I was a latecomer to the world of steaks. They just never figured big in my dining life, especially in my more vegetable-centric Bay Area years and subsequent single years in Salt Lake City.

Who knows, maybe my subconscious appetite was telling me I needed a beefy guy to inspire me to sizzle a steak at home. And frankly, ordering a steak in a restaurant was my last choice.

Well, thanks to changed circumstances, my guilty pleasure has become a succulent, bone-in ribeye—grilled or pan-seared. Not to be fickle, ribeye, but now that Salt Lake’s Gastronomy restaurants have stepped up to the plate as the only locals serving Certified Angus Beef Natural, their thick, bone-in filet mignon is my new love.

I recently had a chance to try the full spectrum of the new beef offerings at Market Street Grill. From the burger to the huge T-bone, it was all juicy and succulent. But, oh, that filet mignon. It’s your classic primal experience—perfectly seared on the outside, tender and rosy inside. Let it be said, I am a huge proponent of 100 percent grass-fed beef and lamb, for a number of reasons, but it’s not always available and, in the case of beef, not always delicious.

So, what is it about this beef? The best steak houses serve Prime beef—a quality designation for really fine-tasting meat. But Certified Angus Beef Natural is ranked a cut above USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Raised on 100 percent vegetarian feed and never subjected to added hormones or antibiotics, only 1 percent of the beef produced in the United States qualifies. Try it for yourself at any Gastronomy location. Or, buy the steaks at Market Street Fish Markets at Cottonwood, South Jordan and University and cook them for yourself. 

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