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The Trumpet of Freedom 

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As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of Mir Hossein Mousavi. His efforts are similar to what former Democratic Vice President Al Gore should have done during the U.S. presidential election controversy of 2000. Gore should have continued to protest regardless of the political risks until all the votes were counted in Florida. Instead, former president George W. Bush was appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court to effectively overturn the will of the people—and look at what has happened to the United States in the past eight years.

Believe it or not, one thing that trumps capitalism and political correctness in the United States is the right to have one’s vote counted. This is the foundation upon which our democracy is built. Mousavi should continue to defy Iran’s powerful security forces so that Iranian democracy can be preserved. It is not the reformist movement that is attempting to seize power but rather those currently in power who have engaged in fraud to prevent the will of the people from being heard. Why else would they stoop to such underhanded tactics to block communication among the citizens of Iran? Why is the government in power utilizing such political strong-arm tactics as the use of violence and false arrest? Why are international journalists being told they should prepare to leave the country?

The United Nations must be allowed into Iran to monitor the election up to and including a new election. During the new election, let the call go forth among all citizens of Iran that your brothers and sisters of democracy from all over the world are with you during every trial and tribulation you may encounter during this crisis.

To the people of Iran, the trumpet of freedom beckons you to rise in protest and ensure your vote to preserve your sacred heritage, promote your children’s future and obtain the blessings of liberty we all cherish.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, Ohio

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