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What happened to all the supergeniuses?

Brain Power
Do supergeniuses still exist?

Queen's English

Why are some English names pronounced so differently than they're spelled?
On the other hand.

The Perfect Storm

Can hurricanes be stopped?
I'm curious if the idea of artificially altering hurricanes' strength has any scientific validity.

Scary Sounds

What's so awful about nails on a chalkboard?
There are certain sounds that drive us batty.

Prison Calls

Do jails and prisons allow video-conferencing with inmates?
The Straight Dope

How useful are at-home DNA tests?

Lots of ads on TV these days for various DNA test kits.

The Scoop

Why are there so few kinds of cutlery?
With most aspects of food (e.g., styles of cooking, pans, dishes), you could fill a book with all the ways different cultures have come up with to do the same basic task.

The Real Holy War

Is the West kidding itself about Islam's intentions?
Is the West kidding itself about the good intentions of Islam?

Freest Speech

Which country has the most generous free-speech protections?
Just wondering which country has the loosest free-speech laws.

Got Gas?

What's with the weird fluctuations in gas prices?
Why are increases in gas prices often so abrupt and large, while decreases are small and incremental?

Caffeinated History

Who first figured out how to make coffee?
>Coffee: let's grow this plant, pick the berries, take the seeds out, roast and then grind the beans, pour hot water through the grounds, and throw the beans away.

Otherworldly Life

Scientists prove ball lightning exists! Can UFOs be next?
Years ago you wrote that, despite extensive research, scientists were skeptical that ball lightning really existed.

Forget Neutrality

What's the worst outcome in the net-neutrality debate?
>There seem to be two major concerns with a lack of net neutrality.

Dirty Minded?

Do men really think about sex every six seconds?
I was wondering if you could settle a dispute I'm having with a charming young lady.

Star SEALs

Are the Navy SEALs really so special?
Why are Navy SEALs currently the "it" special forces?


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