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To Be Blunt

What do we know about the effects of marijuana legalization?

The Road Salt Conundrum

When animals disappear, how are humans affected?

Un-natural Selection
Are there extinct species that we really wish we hadn't wiped out?

What's the life span of a skyscraper?

Sky High
An engineering professor used to tell our class, "Everything eventually fails.

What happens to birds during a hurricane?

Whirly Bird
When a hurricane blows over an island, as Maria did in Puerto Rico, what happens to the birds?

Is the fatberg apocalypse upon us?

The Blob
There seems to be an alarming increase in news stories about enormous fatbergs—blobs of fat and grease accumulating in the sewers of major cities in the U.S. and Europe.

Is music universal?

In Tune
Scientifically speaking, is music universal?

How credible are the new blood-pressure guidelines?

Recently it was announced that medical experts had lowered the numbers of what acceptable blood pressures are, so now nearly half of all adults are considered to have high blood pressure.

Do Black Dogs Experience Prejudice?

Sort of.
Less-damning theories still flourish to explain black dogs' alleged unpopularity.

Do all animals yawn and stretch?

Primal Urge
The other day I woke up, stretched, yawned, and wondered:

What's the connection between outlaw bikers and ball-peen hammers?

I was at a wake for an old friend a few days ago.

Are infectious diseases becoming untreatable?

Super Bug
I read that mankind will soon lose its handle on disease management.

Why isn't venison a major industry in the U.S.?

Millennials are driving American food culture toward more outré tastes.
Would it be possible to supply enough venison to make a regular fast-food item, like if Arby's wanted to have their venison sandwich available all year?

Why does everybody in the world play tag?

You're It.
>How did Minnesota diverge linguistically from "duck duck goose" to "duck duck gray duck"?

Can we harvest electricity from electric eels?

Assume that money and animal-rights groups are no issue.

What's the skinny on artificial sweeteners like aspartame?

Sugar Coat It
Is there a general consensus on aspartame's health effects?

What happened to all the supergeniuses?

Brain Power
Do supergeniuses still exist?


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