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This Is the End, My Friend

This week's Straight Dope marks the last appearance of the column as the Teeming Millions have known it for the past 45 years.

Do Brain Supplements Do Anything?

Brain Drain
Is Prevagen cognitive supplement as effective as its TV ad states?

Is flying really worse for the environment than driving?

Planes and Trains
If the world were to get serious about reducing carbon emissions, there would be a lot less air travel.

Why aren't internal organs symmetrical?

Inside Out
The outside shape of mammals is symmetrical: limbs, eyes, ears and nostrils arranged on either side of a central axis.

Do dogs have better protection from ticks than people do?

Tick Check
Why aren't there flea collars for people?

Can Congress override a presidential pardon?

Power Play
Now that Bill Cosby has been found guilty, it seems possible President Trump could issue a pardon, letting Cosby off scot-free.

Why is Asian earwax different from black and white people's earwax?

Wax Facts
According to Science News, If you would describe yourself as white or black, your earwax is probably yellow and sticky.

How did "nuts" and "bananas" come to mean "crazy"?

Nut Job
Oh master, how did the terms "nuts" and "bananas" come to refer to something or someone crazy?

Why does South America grow all the coca?

Coca Craze
All lucrative plants are grown in multiple locations, as far as I know. So why is coca only cultivated in South America?

How often do emergency vehicles get into accidents?

Call 911
Every day I see ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks hauling ass down the road while masses of (mostly shitty) drivers scramble out of the way.

Is there a link between the Zika virus and toxoplasmosis?

Going Viral
Since each can cause microcephaly, is there any correlation between Zika [which everyone seems to fear] and toxoplasmosis [which most seem to have forgotten]?

How dangerous are cows?

Moortal Combat
Years ago, I was deer hunting on my friend's farm in Ohio.

Where did two-letter postal abbreviations come from?

To The Letter
Why oh why did the USPS decree a two-letter abbreviation for states?

Is there a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer?

Talc-ulating Risk
This is about the use of talcum powder and the risk for ovarian cancer.

What's so bad about processed foods?

Happy Meal
Why are processed foods bad?


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