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Is there a link between the Zika virus and toxoplasmosis?

Going Viral
Since each can cause microcephaly, is there any correlation between Zika [which everyone seems to fear] and toxoplasmosis [which most seem to have forgotten]?

How dangerous are cows?

Moortal Combat
Years ago, I was deer hunting on my friend's farm in Ohio.

Where did two-letter postal abbreviations come from?

To The Letter
Why oh why did the USPS decree a two-letter abbreviation for states?

Is there a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer?

Talc-ulating Risk
This is about the use of talcum powder and the risk for ovarian cancer.

What's so bad about processed foods?

Happy Meal
Why are processed foods bad?

If head trauma is so bad for humans, how do woodpeckers manage?

Head Case
Football players' concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy have been in the news a lot.

How Did the Gavel End up in American Courtrooms?

Order in the court!
What is the significance of the gavel in a courtroom, and how did it originate?

Will bacteriophages save us from the antibiotics crisis?

Going Viral
Disappointed in your answer regarding infectious diseases.

To Be Blunt

What do we know about the effects of marijuana legalization?
Have any studies been done in states that have legalized marijuana?

The Road Salt Conundrum

As I sat in my office on a balmy 20-degree day in Pittsburgh, a thought came across my mind ...

When animals disappear, how are humans affected?

Un-natural Selection
Are there extinct species that we really wish we hadn't wiped out?

What's the life span of a skyscraper?

Sky High
An engineering professor used to tell our class, "Everything eventually fails.

What happens to birds during a hurricane?

Whirly Bird
When a hurricane blows over an island, as Maria did in Puerto Rico, what happens to the birds?

Is the fatberg apocalypse upon us?

The Blob
There seems to be an alarming increase in news stories about enormous fatbergs—blobs of fat and grease accumulating in the sewers of major cities in the U.S. and Europe.

Is music universal?

In Tune
Scientifically speaking, is music universal?


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