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Got Gas?

What's with the weird fluctuations in gas prices?

Caffeinated History

Who first figured out how to make coffee?

Otherworldly Life

Scientists prove ball lightning exists! Can UFOs be next?

Forget Neutrality

What's the worst outcome in the net-neutrality debate?
>There seem to be two major concerns with a lack of net neutrality.

Dirty Minded?

Do men really think about sex every six seconds?
I was wondering if you could settle a dispute I'm having with a charming young lady.

Star SEALs

Are the Navy SEALs really so special?
Why are Navy SEALs currently the "it" special forces?

Cosmic Will

Does quantum mechanics prove the universe is conscious?
Of course not. However, you bring up an interesting line of speculation.

Death Rap

How have most human beings died throughout history?
Historically, what has been the leading cause of death for humans?

The First Loaf

How did bread get invented?
No other question bothers me as much as this one: How did bread come about?


How soon can we expect driverless cars?
People talk as if self-driving cars are only a few years away.


What did the West do to provoke Islamic hostility?
One argument I hear about why Islamist terrorists commit their acts is because the West interfered in their countries.

Holy Patriarchy

Did God have a wife, and if so where'd she go?
>I saw a British documentary that stated that God—the Jewish, Christian and Muslim God, that is—used to have a female companion, but then male dominance made it impossible to imagine such a powerful female being, and goddesses were no longer worshipped.

Take the Heat

How bad is the warming world going to get?
So, the world is warming. How bad can we expect things to get?

Agent Orange

How harmful was Agent Orange, anyway?
Was there ever any determination as to the dangerousness of Agent Orange?

Cat Your Service

Service animals, emotional support animals, therapy animals—how are they different?
What's the difference between service animals, emotional support animals and therapy animals?

Laws & Orders

How powerful are presidential executive orders?
Please shed some light on presidential executive orders.


Who came up with our popular image of Jesus?
Where did the modern depiction of Jesus come from, and when?

Singing English

Why don't British singers sound British when they sing?
You're not the only one wondering, Bruce.


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