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The SINful Bay, $2 Wells @ Cheers To You, Snow Cones @ Lumpys & The New Metro 

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SINful Saturdays: The Bay Way
Summer seems to be fast approaching and that means it’s Bay season once more. Located inside an historic club building, The Bay (404 S. West Temple) is bringing hott—that’s right, hott with two Ts—back with SINful Nights every Saturday. They’ve taken over the three levels of the 400 South fixture with Latin in the basement, electronic in the main room, and hip-hop and Top 40 mashups in yet another room. Past and future guests include Synergy GoGos, Pop N Fresh and Dirty Dutch Bros. Get sinful on Saturdays and party into the wee of the Sabbath as only club-goers in Utah can.

Cheers: All’s Well That Starts With Wells
$2 well cocktails—that sums up the best thing about Cheers To You (315 S. Main) on Wednesdays. We’ve made plenty of “Hump Day” jibes in the past, so we’ll skip those and say that you can become intoxicated until the legal limit quite inexpensively with a few beverages at Cheers. Oh, and you can go home with a stranger and hump to your heart’s content—as long as they consent and are equally drunk. How’s that for a politically correct “Hump Day”? Cheers!

Snow Cone Party: Lumpy’s Style
Have you ever tried an alcohol-infused snow cone? What’s that? No!?! There’s no better time than this weekend to try one. It’s the annual snow-cone party at Lumpy’s Downtown (145 W. Pierpont Ave.). Lefty and Nick are throwing the event and you can thank them for the genius behind it. We’ve never heard of anyone else throwing such an event, so kudos to their innovation. Also, plenty of flavors will be on hand: Piña Colada, Cherry and maybe even—forgive us in advance—Tigerblood. #winning

Go Metro
The Metro has take over a building that used to be in the heart of the red light district, and they’ve done it with aplomb. Though it caters to a LGBT crowd, anyone is welcome—anyone who likes to dance, that is. Check out the Metro (540 W. 200 South) for any of their dance nights.




Hot Shots from Metro
1. Dustin Trent, Drew Tyler, Scotty Johnson
2. Angelica Smith, Laurie Eliason
3. Cole Adams, Engels Tejeder

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