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Available Jones

Eight great achievements by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert during eight years in office.
Took piles of campaign cash from Big Medical, Big Highway and Big Coal; insisted there would be no quid pro quo.

Thanks for Nothin'

Eight things you just don't want to hear from family this Thanksgiving.
“Gather ’round the radio, kids! It’s almost time for The Best of InfoWars!”

Justice League Assemble!

Eight team members conveniently left out of the new Justice League movie.
Karen from Accounting

Tinfoil Hat-Trick

Eight possible headlines (spot the wacky, Ocho-fied fakes!)
'Womens Day' in Salt Lake Has Strong Ties to Communist Movement.

Time to Kill

8 ways to spend that extra hour when Daylight Saving Time ends.
Watch a whole episode of "Fox & Friends" and realize futility of life.

Sugar Shock

Eight Halloween candies, explained.
Tootsie Rolls: Lego turds

Rocky Times

Eight more things Rocky Anderson could apologize for besides endorsing SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski.
Continually inflicting jazz upon the citizens of Salt Lake City.

Killer Pods

Eight top-trending podcasts right now.
The FedEx Man Rings Once

Spooky Utah

Eight scare-filled local Halloween attractions for the budget-minded.
St. George's Dixie Dungeon of the Confederate Dead.

Urban Scrounge

Eight under-construction Salt Lake City apartment developments you might still be able to afford but probably not.
Hellmouth Village at 666 West


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