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The Ocho | Signs the Mitt Romney 2008 presidential campaign is dead 

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Eight signs the Mitt Romney 2008 presidential campaign is dead:

He won the Wyoming Caucus last week. Wyoming isn’t even a state.

7. Utah newspapers are pulling reporters off the Romney campaign trail to cover more pressing “hot” Florida vacation spots.

6. Fox News has tapped him to be a commentator on “the real candidates.”

5. Even Fred Thompson is asking him, “What? Are you still here?”

4. He’s been invited to the taping of a Dr. Phil special: Knowing When to Move the Heck on Already.

3. The “One Million Strong for Mitt” Facebook group has been changed to “About 20,000 Listless for Huckabee.”

2. Ann Romney has earmarked the remainder of Mitt’s campaign-fund war chest for “shoes.”

1. Deep End columnist D.P. Sorensen has been spotted thumbing through the news, mumbling “So, what else is going on?

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