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The fear, the apprehension and the beauty 

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Cover Story, Sept. 1, "Into the Wilderness"
Great story. Thank you.
Melissa O'Brien Fields

This one is definitely nice.
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Happy trails!
What a fantastic job Katherine Pioli did writing her attempt at the Highline Trail. She did a great job explaining the fear, the apprehension and the beauty and glory of the great outdoors. Please pass on my congratulations, and I wish her the very best on her second attempt. Please tell her 65 pounds each is way too much for eight days.
John Burrows
Salt Lake City

News, Sept. 1, "Bitter Victory"
Another case of governments, big, little and in between, stomping on their citizens to win at all costs. Grrrrr.
Jill Olsen Cannon
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Yup, hard to fight a crocked system based upon lies.
Robert Jensen
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Insanity run amok.
Melodie Thomas Jacobsen
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As opposed to insanity waiting quietly on the settee?
Pax Rasmussen
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Sandy city should, in good faith to its residents and business owners, pay for a portion of this man's legal fees as well as go after Ogden for monies that do not belong to them. All around crooked deal. Tinto stadium should also pay yearly for the property with the box on it, as it seems as if they are renting it from Maupin as well as back rent. That may be some way to help with the resolution. But ... that would just be the right thing to do! Seems like our government and state try to sweep things under the rug instead of doing the right thing.
Sarah Shannon

I wish the city of Sandy would step up to the plate and make it right with this small business owner. He shouldn't have had to go through this legal battle with the city to prove that the property was his all along! Shameful to do this to Mr. Maupin and his family. I hope that this man doesn't go through much more unnecessary hardship than he already has had to go through.
Aaron Saxon

Opinion, Sept. 1, "Coyote Clash"
Shoot them ... No problem.
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Coyotes already in SLC neighborhoods. Only when coyotes become habituated to humans will conflicts occur.
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Five Spot, Sept. 1, Derk Boss
One of the most gifted songwriters I have encountered. Listening to Derk's music is a transportive and captivating experience. I'm excited to see what's next!
Mikaela Hansen

Derk, you're a boss (literally). Keep up the good work, every door gets you closer to your goal.
Dean Dunmire

This guy came to my house and was incredible. Profound lyrics and beautifully talented.
AJ Sterling

Blog, Sept. 2, "Kent Hart's Last Letter"
Apparently a lot of people (including on my Facebook page) thought very highly of him. I never knew him but saw a lot of great posts on and about him. Now I'll have to read this.
Karl Winsness
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So sad.
Greg Hackney
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This is Evan Hart, Kent Hart's son (not the one who returned from a mission). I would like to thank you deeply for this article. It continues to astound me how many people my dad has helped and guided; I am now more proud than ever to be able to call him my father. It's people like this who make the pain of his passing bearable.
Evan Hart

Thank you, City Weekly, for publishing Kent's last letter. Makes me happy to keep his legacy alive.
Giovanna Hart

Hits & Misses, Sept. 1, "Healthcare Malaise"
I just wanted to say that I appreciated your comments on healthcare malaise in City Weekly, and I'm glad that the issue still gets some discussion in the media.
Micah A. Vorwaller
Salt Lake City

A&E, Sept. 1, "Con Etiquette"
Literally saw a dude in blackface the first year I went to SLCC.
Monica Esquibel
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Music, Sept. 1, "Skozey the Alien"
Stuart Nelson
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