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Plan-B Theatre Co.: My Brother Was a Vampire, David Spade, Shred Fest, and more.

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  • Sharah Meservy

Plan-B Theatre Co.: My Brother Was a Vampire
Halloween 2022 may already be in the rearview mirror, but that doesn't mean the appeal of certain spooky supernatural-themed stories ends when the calendar turns to November. One particular spooky story—the 2008 Swedish horror film Let the Right One—proved to be particularly inspirational for playwright Morag Shepherd, who took the tale of a complicated friendship involving a vampire and made it the foundation of Plan-B Theatre Company's latest world premiere production, My Brother Was a Vampire.

"I describe My Brother Was a Vampire as a horror comedy, because I really wanted to try my hand at writing something scary and suspenseful," Shepherd says via email. "I wanted to write something that evoked the presence of someone, or something, lurking just out of sight, to represent a paranoia, or an unknown. The comedy part of the equation shows up by a fairly heavy dose of dead-pan sarcasm in the relationship between siblings Callum and Skye.

"I guess I mainly wanted to combine these two things to see how quickly and smoothly I could toggle from fear and suspense to laughter and relief. The closeness of the relationship makes it so I didn't have to set anything up; it's easily recognizable, and I could concentrate more fully on the different tensions at play."

My Brother Was a Vampire runs Nov. 3 – 13 at the Rose Wagner Center Studio Theatre (138 W. 300 South), with performances Thursday – Saturday at 8 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday matinees. Masks will be required for all attendees. Visit for tickets and additional information. (Scott Renshaw)


David Spade
Look up the word "snarky," and you may see David Spade's picture. He's earned that reputation courtesy of the characters he portrayed on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1996, most of which were known for sharing sarcasm and cynicism in equal measure. Consider the putdown pundit who loved to zing celebrities with merciless one liners during his "Hollywood Minute," Dick Clark's obnoxious gatekeeper who unnerved his visitors by asking "And you are...?," the impatient flight attendant who hurried passengers off the plane with his condescending "Buh-bye!," or the gregarious Gap girl totally taken with her own sense of self.

He furthered his comedic imprint with roles in popular sitcoms: Just Shoot Me, where he again played the role of an intolerable receptionist (while garnering an Emmy nomination and a pair of Golden Globe nominations in the process); and Rules of Engagement, that featured him playing an obnoxious neighbor to a pair of committed couples. Later he made his mark in film, courtesy of two buddy movies with his pal and fellow SNL alumnus, the late Chris Farley, and various comedy vehicles such as Joe Dirt and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. A late-night talk show Lights Out With David Spade had a limited run on Comedy Central, but voiceover work for video games fills out his resume. That's what it means to call a Spade a Spade.

David Spade's "Catch Me Inside" tour comes to Delta Performance Hall at Eccles Theater (131 S Main Street) at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5. Tickets cost $40 - $70. Visit or phone 801-355-2787. (Lee Zimmerman)

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Shred Fest
The summer of 2022 felt ... eternal. Heat and drought had us all longing for a shift in the seasons, and even the unseasonably delightful 75-degree days of the early fall began to seem like a threat, like winter might never come. But all it took was one welcome storm to get that crispness into the air, and get us all hyped for a few months of snow and all the uniquely-Utah recreational opportunities it brings with it.

Shred Fest once again brings an all-ages winter kick-off experience to Salt Lake City, full of spectator and participation events for the whole family. At the center is a two-day real snow ski and snowboard jam, with a rail jam build provided by Woodward Park City, featuring 50 talented athletes competing for cash prizes. Those who want to flex their muscles can get involved in the lumberjack expo, or topple a pyramid of beer receptacles while keg bowling. The brand village, games and food trucks will provide plenty to see, do and taste. And both evenings feature a wide range of music performances, with scheduled acts including Hayden James, Chet Porter, Sebastian Paul, Bombargo, Future Mystic, Leah Woods, Native Leaves, Simba Sax, Dj Matty Mo, Dj Fleege, Jai Wolf (DJ Set) and Audeamaus

The 2022 Shred Fest comes to Liberty Park (589 E. 1300 South) on Nov. 5 – 6, with doors opening at 1 p.m. daily. Tickets run $48 - $105 for single-day tickets, and $68 - $110 for full weekend passes. Visit for tickets and additional event information. (SR)

  • Samantha Little

SALT Contemporary Dance: Fall '22
A 10-year anniversary is typically a chance for some celebration, but there's even more to celebrate for companies that just a couple of years ago—at the height of the COVID pandemic—weren't sure if they'd still be around today. That's part of what SALT Contemporary Dance co-founder Michelle Nielsen is thinking about as the company launches its anniversary season with an additional sense of appreciation for having survived.

"We had a very bleak board meeting about all these tours we'd set up that we had to just cancel and cancel and cancel," Nielsen recalls. "At the end of our seventh season, I thought, 'Maybe this is it.' ... In some ways, I'm shocked and amazed and beside-myself-grateful that we're where we are. ... We need to understand that things that make our society beautiful need to be supported as much as the things we call 'necessary.'"

The program that makes up the Fall '22 season kick-off production—itself following a gala fundraiser on Nov. 3—is one that Nielsen believes represents the full arc of the company's history thus far. Work by award-winning choreographer Garrett Smith hearkens back to his involvement with SALT's opening season; a piece by current artistic director Joni McDonald represents the present; and rising star Micaela Taylor's creation emphasizes a look towards the future, and the company's commitment to supporting diversity in the field of dance.

SALT Contemporary Dance's Fall '22 runs Nov. 4-5 at the Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center (2525 Taylorsville Blvd., Taylorsville), with performances at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 - $35, visit for tickets and additional event information. (SR)

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