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July 25, 2018 News » Cover Story

The Cannabis Issue 

Examining the hurdles Utah has to jump through to clear the way for medical cannabis.

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  • Derek Carlisle

The Strain Game
Our readers dub some potential homegrown nugs.
February 2018 was a simpler time (not really), but smack in the middle of the 63rd state Legislature and with ever-increasing buzz (bud?) that this was medical cannabis’ year, we asked our readers to come up with names for Utah-centric marijuana strains. Your answers had us all in stitches (which we promptly treated with some high-octane opioids). Here are some of our faves:

Trax Wax.
Nick McConochie
Via Facebook

Reffer Society.
Cindy McBride Gibbs
Via Facebook

Funeral POTatoes *cue drums*
Mitch Bragg
Via Facebook

Great Salt Bake.
Via Instagram

High Sauce!
Ronette Nelson Knight
Via Facebook

Latter-day Strains (but that’s more of a brand name it would have to have sub strains to make any sense).
Simon Harwood
Via Facebook

Diet Coke Smoke.
Via Instagram

Federal Highs.
William Boyd
Via Twitter

The other green casserole with crunchy stuff.
Rob Rodgers
Via Facebook

Seagull Diesel, Provo Gold, Kolob Kush.
Gililland Daymon
Via Facebook

Via Instagram

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Hash.
Megan Hansen
Via Facebook

Prophet’s Private Stash, Temple Hemple, Holy Toke. High-n-Zion.
Alan Peterson
Via Facebook

Bee-high State, Porter Smokewell, Modab.
Via Instagram

Seer Stoned.
Jon Allen
Via Twitter

Ashley Jones
Via Facebook

Joseph Spliff, Temple Recommend, Bonneville Blunt.
Dustin Dabb
Via Facebook

City-Creek Creeker.
David Butler
Via Facebook

Zion Curtain 3.2.
Kelly O’Hara
Via Facebook

Capitol Reefer, Foot Lucid, Latter-day Dank, Jon Bluntsman Jr., Greatest Grow on Earth, Multi-level Marijuana, Doobie a Favor and Use Your Turn Signal.
Julie Radle
Via Facebook

Inversion Therapy.
Regie Thompson
Via Facebook

Never-gonna-happen High.
Kerry Knowles
Via Facebook

Sarahjane Aleta
Via Facebook

“God’s Will.”
Clinton Reid
Via Facebook

Elder Dankerson.
Rob Rodgers
Via Facebook

As long as it’s legal, who cares?
Scott Meade
Via Facebook


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Rich Kane

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