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July 25, 2018 News » Cover Story

The Cannabis Issue 

Examining the hurdles Utah has to jump through to clear the way for medical cannabis.

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  • Kimball Mortensen

But first, a glossary
Blunt—What you call a store-bought cigar where the tobacco has been dumped out and someone rolls it up again full of marijuana.

Bong—A device with water in its base, used to smoke marijuana.

Bud—The "nugs" you smoke after grinding. A mature marijuana plant's flower.

Cannabis—Used when referring to the plant used to produce hemp fiber and marijuana.

CBD—Also known as cannabidiol and can be used to treat symptoms of nausea, cancer, arthritis and other ailments.

Cotton Mouth—When your mouth gets dry after you get high. Try sucking on some candy.

Dispensary—Marijuana store that sells the drug in different forms, as well as paraphernalia.

Doobie—Another word for a joint.

Dab or Dabbing—Dab is a term used for smaller concentrates like hash oil or wax and when it is consumed, it is referred to as dabbing.

Glass—An informal term used to describe devices used to smoke marijuana, such as bongs or pipes.

Hemp—Comes from the same plant as marijuana and contains a small amount of THC. Can be used to make an array of products, including paper, food and fuel. Still federally banned, but states can be granted permission to grow it for commercial, research or development reasons.

Hydroponics—Soilless system of growing marijuana that often results in a better product.

Jazz Cabbage—Another slang term for marijuana not to be confused with a nearby professional basketball team.

Joint—Another word for doobie.

Kush—An indica strain of marijuana that gives users a relaxing, sedating high.

Mary Jane—A slang term for marijuana. Also a low-cut shoe style popular with girls in the early 20th century.

Medicinal—Refers to cannabis being used for medical reasons. Some states only have medicinal cannabis laws on the books and not recreational and medicinal.

Mota—Spanish slang for marijuana.

Piece—Slang term for a pipe or something similar used to smoke marijuana.

Pipe—A small hand-held device, usually made of glass, used to smoke marijuana.

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis—The three cannabis classifications. Indica plants usually result in a more relaxing high, while sativa plants offer more cerebral, energetic effects. Ruderalis plants, meanwhile, are very high in CBD, which doesn't have psychoactive properties.

Schwag—Low-quality marijuana that's often brown and dry.

Spliff—Joint rolled with tobacco and marijuana.

Vaporizer—A smokeless method of consuming cannabis believed to be healthier than smoking.

Weed—Another slang term for marijuana, usually referencing the flowers of a cannabis plant.


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