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    A sampling of the bites at Franklin Ave. Cocktails & Kitchen - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • A sampling of the bites at Franklin Ave. Cocktails & Kitchen

    Best New Restaurant
    Franklin Ave. Cocktails & Kitchen
    This may be new, but it’s fast becoming a Salt Lake City favorite. The vibe is happening, and the food holds up. We heard the table next to us say they’d been here three times in the past week! Must tries: the Utah Old Fashioned, housemade kimchi pickles, cauliflower steak with pistachio butter and their gorgeous over-the-top raspado sour-cream ice cream for dessert! We also love the gender-neutral bathrooms for added inclusivity! 231 S. Edison St., SLC, 385-831-7560,
    2. Facil Taqueria
    3. Salt & Olive

    Best Chef
    Matt Crandall
    Executive chef Matt Crandall continues to slay the culinary scene in Salt Lake City. With four successful Bourbon Group downtown restaurants on his resume, Crandall knows what it takes to please palates. Crandall joined Bourbon House in 2013 shortly after it opened. His next step was to launch Whiskey Street, followed by White Horse Spirits & Kitchen and, this summer, Franklin Ave. Cocktails & Kitchen. His attention to detail, eagerness to elevate each dish (have you tried the deviled eggs with duck cracklins?) and his commitment to quality make dining in his restaurants a sublime experience.
    2. Ali Sabbah, Mazza Cafe
    3. Viet Pham, Pretty Bird Chicken

    Best Food Influencer on Social Media
    Jennifer Burns, @jbcookinghost
    With more than 3,000 cooking/entertainment TV segments under her belt, Jennifer Burns is that class act people hire to rep their brands. Her experience certainly shines through in her Instagram feed. Can you say "production values"? Not content to post "food porn," Burns creates images and videos that are works of art, accompanied by the perfect musical snippet to match the mood. She proves that being an influencer is not only about the number of followers you have—it's about impact. The cookbook author, TV creator, producer and spokesperson is "working it" whether in front of TV camera or as an emcee at a gala. Her IG reflects her professionalism: It's top drawer.
    2. @slcfoodie
    3. @saltplatecity

    Best Vegetarian Restaurant
    All Chay
    This small restaurant is just minutes from downtown or the airport and offers the wonderfully robust and fragrant flavors of Vietnam without the meat. You don’t really need meat in an eggroll to enjoy fresh veggies in a light, tasty fried tube, and spring rolls with “chicken” or bean curd are simply divine with their dipping sauce. Vegan shrimp will fool your pallet if you’re new to a meatless cuisine and the ginger tofu banh mi will having you coming back to try other Vietnamese sandwiches and stir fry. 1264 W. 500 North, SLC, 801-521-4789,
    2. Zest Kitchen & Bar
    3. Vessel Kitchen

    Best Vietnamese Restaurant
    All Chay
    This Fairpark eatery is a culinary treasure, one serving vegan Vietnamese fare including pho, banh mi, bun, spring rolls and other classics. Surprise your dining companions who haven’t been before with an order of golden vegan shrimp or vegan chicken drumsticks and watch them smile and raise their eyebrows in awe. The vegan pho is especially good. How do they create such rich savory flavor, one that would fool most pho fanatics, without bone broth and meats? Known for their fair prices and big portions, All Chay’s goal is to provide healthy Vietnamese cuisine for carnivores, vegans and vegetarians alike. 1264 W. 500 North, SLC, 801-521-4789,
    2. La-Cai Noodle House
    3. SOMI Vietnamese

    Best Latin/South American Restaurant
    It’s only in recent decades that you could find a late-night place to eat that wasn’t some unhealthy fast-food chain restaurant. Thank goodness for Arempa’s! For night owls, the downtown SLC location offers fresh fare until long after midnight (til 3 a.m.!) on Fridays and Saturdays (Midvale stays open til 1 a.m.). Even better, vegans can get food options like Life Bowls with avocados, sliced arepas and stewed garbanzos, tropical salads and a tasty treat called a Donald Watson with seasoned lentils and vegan meat, plantains, rice and eggs. Multiple locations,
    2. Papito Moe’s
    3. Sabor Latino

    Best Coffee Drive-Thru
    Beans & Brews
    Since opening in 1993, “Beans” has mastered high-altitude coffee roasting and curated a menu of drinks (including those seasonal favorites) that has even the most bougie of coffee drinkers slinging high marks. Whether you are a hot, iced or blended drink connoisseur, “Beans” is the place to enjoy your favorites or try something entirely new. With a team working on your order, it’s also the place to enjoy quick and efficient drive-thru service, served up with a smile. Multiple locations,
    2. Bjorn’s Brew
    3. Caffe Expresso

    Best Vegan Bakery
    City Cakes & Cafe
    Vegan cuisine has taken off in recent years, and you can find vegan delights in numerous restaurants and shops. Even with all the new contenders, it’s hard to beat the OG in vegan baked goods. City Cakes has been veganizing cookies, cakes, donuts and more since 2010. Their gluten-free and vegan baked goods are made from scratch and have become so well-known as a brand that they are appearing at grocery stores and restaurants around the valley. 1860 S. 300 West, SLC, 801-359-2239; 192 E. 12300 South, Ste. A, Draper, 801-572-5500,
    2. Sweet Hazel & Co.
    3. Yumz Vegan Bakery & Cafe

    Best Food Truck
    Cluck Truck
    Brined for 24 hours, Cluck Truck’s chicken is also “breaded daily in a corn flake dredge with sesame seeds and a mix of secret spices.” From there, the namesake protein choice is mixed-and-matched into some awesome wraps, best enjoyed with a side of fries. Some daily specials will also appear on the truck’s menu. Though not stationed at one place too often, the Cluck Truck’s a regular at local, kitchen-free microbreweries throughout the city, as well as fests and food-truck meetups. The truck’s Instagram is the best way to find its daily location. 801-750-6508,
    2. Cupbop
    3. Jamaica’s Kitchen

    Communal’s butterscotch pudding - DEREK CARLISLE
    • Derek Carlisle
    • Communal’s butterscotch pudding

    Best Restaurant in Utah County
    Communal not only has a decent selection of beers and an impressive menu, one that supports sustainable agriculture, local businesses and local artists. The menu changes with the seasons, and it’s challenging not to want to try everything on the menu. Popovers with apricot butter? Roasted root veggie hash? Steak chilaquiles? Yes, please! The chocolate mousse cup is something to write home about—the salt flakes are a nice touch. The portions are gigantic, so be prepared for leftovers. 102 N. University Ave., Provo, 801-373-8000,
    2. Strap Tank Brewery
    3. Chubby’s Cafe

    Come to Current for the Kumamotos, stay for the fish stew and  striped bass. - NIKI CHAN
    • Niki Chan
    • Come to Current for the Kumamotos, stay for the fish stew and striped bass.

    Best Seafood Restaurant
    Current Fish & Oyster
    This place makes you forget we live in a desert here in Utah. With its modern, sleek ambiance and delectable menu of fresh seafood dishes to choose from, it’s no wonder that the locals keep coming back for more. Fish stew is on both the lunch and dinner menu, billowing with scallop, prawns, mussels and market fish of the day. East and West Coast oysters as well as West Coast Kumamotos are always on the menu in half-dozen doses. 279 E. 300 South, SLC 801-326-3474,
    2. Market Street Grill
    3. Takashi

    Best Local Fast-Food Franchise
    Crown Burgers
    The first Crown Burgers restaurant was opened in 1978 by John and Rula Katzourakis and Nick Katsanevas, serving a simple menu of fast-casual items. The franchise has since blossomed to eight locations across the Wasatch Front, in large part due to the signature Crown Burger, a monster serving of a quarter-pound hamburger, hot pastrami, veggies and Thousand Island dressing. Multiple locations,
    2. Pretty Bird Chicken
    3. Vessel Kitchen

    Best Pizza in Utah County
    Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria
    The ambiance is charming with this locally owned pizzeria’s comic-book tabletops and arcade games. This New York-style pizza is a hit, and you can order one up to a 24-inches! Local favorites are the Tuscan Gentleman, Phat Daddy and Buffalo Bill. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options also are offered. And for an epic dessert experience, order one of their shakes (but you may need three people to help you eat it). 223 W. Center St., Provo, 801-377-4992,
    2. Mozz Artisan Pizza
    3. Pizza Pie Cafe

    Best Pastry Shop
    We would hope any bona fide Utahn has visited Gourmandise by now. It’s a staple of the city. The only problem here is the overwhelming choices—we’ll take one of everything, please! You really cannot go wrong with their almond pear tarts pastries and their flourless chocolate cake. Stopping in for a slice of cake or dessert is a fun way to end a night on the town or to celebrate something special. 250 S. 300 West, SLC, 801-328-3330,
    2. Fillings & Emulsions
    3. Tulie Bakery

    Best Candymaker
    Hatch Family Chocolates
    Making hand-dipped chocolates is a lost art, but Stephen Hatch has been mixing up magic since 2003 with recipes passed down from his grandmother, Hazel Hatch Kaiser, a chocolate “dipper” who lived in the 1800s. The shop is a go-to for Valentine’s Day gifts with fresh caramels in light and dark chocolate, the traditional “turtles” of pecans, caramel and chocolate and divine dipped apples. And yes, this shop is where the television show, The Little Chocolatiers, was filmed with Hatch and his ex-wife, Katie Masterson, dipping candy for the masses. 376 Eighth Ave., SLC, 801-532-4912,
    2. Chocolate Covered Wagon
    3. Kimmie’s Kandies

    Best Old-School Drive-In
    Hires Big H
    Hires Big H was founded in 1959 by Don “Big H” Hale, and it became an instant classic with its sensational fresh-cut fries, housemade onion rings and frosted mugs for root beer floats. If you’re a Ute, you know Hires Big H—the 700 East location is a local hangout for University of Utah students and has been for generations. Hires has since expanded to Midvale and West Valley locations. Multiple locations,
    2. Millie’s Burgers
    3. Woody’s Drive-In

    Fill your plate at the Kathmandu Grill - lunch buffet. - DEREK CARLISLE
    • Derek Carlisle
    • Fill your plate at the Kathmandu Grill lunch buffet.

    Best Indian Lunch Buffet
    Kathmandu Grill
    When ordering at an Indian restaurant, it’s so hard to choose. Good thing that Kathmandu offers a delicious spread of Indian and Nepalese dishes you can fill your plate with. So you can get as many crispy appetizers, different curries and savory rice and fried noodles as you desire. No hard choices for you! The lunch buffet is served Monday, Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (they’re closed on Wednesdays, and no buffet is offered on Sundays). 212 S. 700 East, Ste. D, SLC, 801-355-0454,
    2. Saffron Valley
    3. Gurkhas Indian and Nepali Cuisine

    Manoli’s stuffed piquillo peppers - JOHN TAYLOR
    • John Taylor
    • Manoli’s stuffed piquillo peppers

    Best Greek Restaurant
    Great for sharing plates or hoarding all to yourself, Manoli’s cuisine never disappoints. Year-round staples like the yemista (stuffed piquillo peppers and tomatoes), garides (Greek coffee barbecue-soaked shrimp), and keftedes (cinnamon tomato sauce meatballs) keep us coming back. While the seasonal dishes and cocktails keep locals on their toes. Manoli’s is the epitome of a great gathering atmosphere, with phenomenal food, friendly and attentive service, minus any pretension. 402 E. 900 South, No.2, SLC, 801-532-3760,
    2. The Other Place Restaurant
    3. Greek Souvlaki

    Best Chinese Cantonese Cuisine
    Hong Kong Tea House
    What’s your definition of Cantonese cuisine? If you’re uncertain, Utah’s Hong Kong Tea House lets you experience all the fresh flavors, mild sauces and tasty comfort food, lovingly prepared by Cantonese cooks. Don’t miss the plates of dim sum served until 3 p.m. each day, with steamed dumplings, rolls, balls, buns and cakes—and yes, chicken claws and steamed beef tripe. Weekdays, you can choose from an affordable lunch menu featuring stir-fried entrees and noodle dishes. The dinner menu includes 100 appetizers, soups, chef’s specials and much more. You’ll soon discover you’ve been eating Cantonese all along, just not enough of it! 565 W. 200 South, SLC, 801-531-7010,
    2. Mom’s Kitchen
    3. Dragon Diner

    Best French Restaurant
    La Caille
    French food lovers have to travel the distance in Utah, but when they do, their tastebuds are rewarded at the beautiful La Caille restaurant at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Diners will find the classic croque monsieur for Sunday brunch, escargots à la Bourguignonne as a dinner appetizer and a plethora of seasonal farm-to-table items, all of which are only made better with La Caille’s pleasing wine offerings. It remains one of the best places to impress out-of-town guests, dates and business clients. 9565 Wasatch Blvd., Sandy, 801-942-1751,
    2. Eva’s Bakery
    3. Franck’s Restaurant

    Best Restaurant Atmosphere
    Log Haven Restaurant
    With magnificent mountain views, the atmosphere at Log Haven gives you all the feels as you dine in, or out, in this historic log mansion. Take in the splendor of all the seasons from this mountainside restaurant where you can host your dream wedding or get extra points on your next romantic night out as it will woo the hardest-to-please guest. 6451 Mill Creek Canyon Road, SLC, 801-272-8255,
    2. Manoli’s
    3. Takashi

    Best Steakhouse
    Maddox Ranch House
    Up north near the top of the Wasatch Mountain Range, the small town of Perry is home to one of Utah’s oldest and best restaurants. Here, curated selections of the choicest beef—and bison!—are aged and cut on site, cooked to perfection and paired with a menu that includes impeccable chicken and seafood dishes, house-brewed root sodas and some of the best bread and butter that money can buy. 1900 S. Highway 89, Perry, 435-723-8545,
    2. Christopher’s Prime + Sonoma Wine Bar & Grill
    3. Timbermine Steakhouse

    Best Middle Eastern Restaurant
    Mazza Cafe
    Given the loyal following Mazza has built over its two decades of serving Middle Eastern cuisine in SLC, it’s no surprise to see them back as a Best of Utah readers’ pick. While the food stands on its own, owner Ali Sabbah is the reason for Mazza’s magic. A SLC treasure, Sabbah’s greetings and inquiries into the life happenings of customers makes Mazza a great spot for dining and a sense of community. 1515 S. 1500 East, SLC, 801-484-9259,
    2. Laziz Kitchen
    3. Curry Fried Chicken

    Best Indian Restaurant
    Mumbai House
    Established in 1993, Bombay House was the gathering spot in Provo, Salt Lake City, and later West Jordan for Indian dining. The locations recently split: Bombay House remains in Provo while the Salt Lake location is now known as Mumbai House. The menu remains the same, so you won’t miss any of your favorite Bombay dishes. Patrons love the authentic tandoori oven-roasted naan; the sumptuous curries; arrays of masalas and kormas, all cooked to perfection. Plus, there’s a pleasing wine and beer list as well as those refreshing mango and strawberry lassis. Too long of a line to dine-in? The restaurant has take-out service down to a science. 2731 E. Parleys Way, SLC, 801-581-0222,
    2. Himalayan Kitchen
    3. Saffron Valley

    Bowls of spicy broth and noodles at One More Noodle House - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • Bowls of spicy broth and noodles at One More Noodle House

    Best Chinese Szechuan Cuisine
    One More Noodle House
    Ah, the restorative properties of the mouth-numbing Szechuan peppercorn. When you pop them in a soup, throw in some braised beef, a mess of homemade noodles and more chili spices the way they do at One More Noodle House, you’ve got yourself a winner. Between their staggering variety of soups and their welcoming atmosphere, this place is always a pleasure. 3370 S. State, Ste. N5, South Salt Lake, 801-906-8992,
    2. Chinese Taste
    3. Szechuan Garden

    Best Coffee Shop
    Old Cuss Cafe
    With roots as a hand-crafted “mobile coffee camper,” Old Cuss Coffee is now rooted in place, in a location that offers a little of everything. You can buy a second-hand Western shirt, while eating vegan food and listening to top-flight, local acoustic music. Or you can forgo all the extras, preferring to spend an hour on the patio with a book and a stiff cup of coffee (via Marcel Coffee Roasters). At this community-minded cafe, that choice is yours. 2285 S. Main, South Salt Lake,
    2. Tres Gatos Coffee
    3. Sugar House Coffee

    Best Korean Barbecue
    Ombu Grill
    With the opening of their first location in 2017 in Salt Lake City, it didn’t take long for Ombu to ride the popularity crest of Korean food into two more locations in Midvale and Orem. At Ombu, you’ll find the ever-popular “grill all you can mix and match”—with over 50 items, including prime beef brisket, pork belly, shrimp, mackerel, soups and vegetables. Try the takoyaki or kimchi rice for a new twist. Multiple locations,
    2. Kou BBQ of Utah
    3. Yummy’s Korean BBQ

    Best Breakfast
    Penny Ann’s Café
    What kind of meal do you enjoy for your breakfast? Biscuits and gravy? Waffles or omelets? Burritos, parfait or old-fashioned oats? Whatever your preference, Penny Ann’s has got you covered. Generous helpings of eggs and home-fried potatoes all are quite filling, but make sure you save some room for their signature item, the Heavenly Hot Cake. These sour cream pancakes are available as a side with most dishes and should not be missed. Multiple locations,
    2. Roots Cafe
    3. Eggs in the City

    Best Place for Late-Night Grub
    Pie Hole
    The line be damned, nothing beats a hot, thin, dripping slice of pizza in the noisy din of Pie Hole at two in the morning after a night out at the good, the bad and the ugly bars of downtown SLC on the weekend. That slice, or two, or three, will remedy all the ill you may have done your body and prepare you for the journey home. 344 S. State, SLC, 801-359-4653,
    2. Beto’s Mexican Food
    3. Arempa’s

    Best Salt Lake Pizza
    Pie Pizzeria
    The Pie takes no shortcuts in preparing the best pizza in town: their pizza dough is made from scratch, double-proofed for 24 hours, then hand-rolled and tossed, and the ingredients are never frozen. The famous graffiti-laden brick walls are a travel log of the history of patrons who have been getting their gooey-pizza fix for over 40 years. They have a plethora of interesting specialty pies, such as the bacon-berry, stromboli and holy shiitake pizzas. Multiple locations,
    2. Bricks Corner
    3. Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria SLC

    Best Barbecue
    R&R Barbeque
    Ever since entering the Utah barbecue scene in 2013, and now grown to 11 locations, R&R has cemented itself as a local force. Winners of too many awards to count, R&R began as an outgrowth of a backyard and barbecue competition hobby. Good food begat demand which begat a tremendous customer base. Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, sausage—you get them all slow-smoked to perfection at R&R. Multiple locations,
    2. Pat’s Barbecue
    3. SugarHouse Barbeque Co.

    Best Mexican Restaurant
    Red Iguana
    The perennial Best of Utah winner in this category, Red Iguana’s reputation as the premiere Mexican restaurant in the state holds true again in 2022. The many moles and enchiladas have been featured plentifully on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, being one of Guy Fieri’s favorite stops in Utah. For a first-timer, the mole poblano is a nice introduction to the sauce-y national dish of Mexico. Multiple locations,
    2. Chile-Tepin
    3. La Casa Del Tamal

    The Sauce Boss - Sticky Chicky - Po’boy - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • The Sauce Boss Sticky ChickyPo’boy

    Best Soul Food
    Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen
    As they say, “tastes so good, makes you wanna slap yo’ mama,” and it sums up the food coming out of the kitchen at Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen. Even if your mama can cook, to earn the title of “sauce boss,” you must know how to make outstanding soul food, and Chef Julius has it dialed. Serving recipes passed down by his grandmother, Chef Julius enjoys making people happy through food. Try the catfish or the shrimp and grits, and enjoy the authenticity of real soul food. 877 E. 12300 South, Ste. 203, Draper, 385-434-2433,
    2. Queen of SLC
    3. The Bayou

    • Josh Scheuerman

    Best German Restaurant
    Siegfried’s Deli
    German delicatessens are a rare find in Salt Lake, which is why Siegfried’s has such a loyal following. The eatery cuts no corners producing high-quality meals. The chefs create everything fresh, and it shows in their delicious bratwurst, Wiener schnitzel and other German delights. Want to try your hand making an authentic home-cooked German meal? You can shop for imported German treats and food products here, too. 20 W. 200 South, SLC, 385-355-1912,
    2. Bohemian Brewery
    3. Weller’s Bistro

    Best Restaurant in Park City
    Riverhorse on Main
    As the first restaurant in Utah to receive the DiRoNA award, Riverhorse on Main continues to impress both patrons and critics alike. With a rotating seasonal menu, guests can partake in a new menu offering or enjoy a fan-favorite, the Trio of Wild Game, which has found a permanent spot on the menu. The sleek, stunning ambiance and live music on weekends make it a great dining spot for any occasion. 540 Main St., Park City, 435-649-3536,
    2. Hearth and Hill
    3. Chop Shop

    Best Brazilian Restaurant
    Rodizio Grill
    Rodizio Grill offers traditional, savory Brazilian dishes and flavors. The rotisserie-grilled meats, glazed pineapple, salad bar and sides are all unlimited—each patron has a knob where they can switch green or red for on and off, so the servers stop to offer you a fresh skewer of meat from the grill. Make sure you have it on “green” when the picanha, their signature sirloin, is passing by. They’ll slice you off a juicy piece from their sword. Multiple locations,
    2. Braza Grill
    3. Tucanos Brazilian Grill

    Best Vegan-Friendly Food Truck
    Sade’s Burritos
    While vegan options are ever more present at many of the city’s roving food trucks, it’s rare to see one that’s devoted to such offerings. At Sade’s Burritos, the little truck window offers classics like breakfast burritos stuffed with tofu, veggies, salsa and chickpea sausage, plus hash bowls, loaded everything bagels and English muffin sandwiches.
    2. Garden O’Veaten
    3. Sushi Squad

    Best Thai Restaurant
    Sawadee Thai Restaurant
    There was a time a few decades back when Utah didn’t have a single Thai restaurant. Now, foodies around the state rejoice at the options, and the best one this year is Sawadee. It is beloved, since 2007, not just for the quality but the consistency and the convenient location. Although we live in a high desert far from any sea, the chef’s specialty is tiger prawns garlic noodle. Whether you crave mild or intense spices, options abound for everyone’s palate. Sawadee serves up all that Thai cuisine in a beautiful setting at what one diner calls “friendishly low prices.” 754 E. South Temple, SLC, 801-328-8424,
    2. Chanon Thai Café
    3. Skewered Thai

    Best Rural Tavern
    Shooting Star Saloon
    Shooting Star Saloon is one of the best kept secrets in Utah. It’s the oldest continuously operating saloon west of the Mississippi River, established in 1879. Located in Huntsville, it’s the perfect reprieve from a day of recreating at Pineview Reservoir. Make sure you order the famous Star Burger, made with two ground beef patties, two slices of cheese and a grilled knockwurst sausage in between. 7350 E. 200 South, Huntsville, 801-745-2002,
    2. Ray’s Tavern
    3. Hanna Hilton

    Best Italian Restaurant
    Sicilia Mia
    Owner Giuseppe Mirenda’s family came directly from their native Sicily to Utah before opening Sicilia Mia restaurant. Mirenda explains that Sicilian cooking often incorporates more flavoring and spices than traditional Italian fare. For example, Sicilia Mia’s trademark carbonara is served in a large Parmesan wheel and finished table-side. “We light the cheese on fire, mixing the pasta and the melted cheese, “ says Mirenda. Carbonara’s rich taste is a showstopper equal to its elegant presentation. 4536 Highland Drive, Holladay, 801-274-0223,
    2. Caffé Molise
    3. Valter’s Osteria

    Best American Diner
    Ruth’s Diner
    The word “diner” evokes something spare and purely functional—seats, forks and food. For more than 90 years, Ruth’s Diner in Emigration Canyon has taken the tradition of comfort food like meatloaf and chicken fried steak and given it a little extra love. And it doesn’t hurt if you’re enjoying it on the wonderful Ruth’s outdoor patio, where a cool canyon breeze and occasional live music elevate the art of the diner to delicious, delightful heights. 4160 Emigration Canyon Road, Emigration Canyon, 801-582-5807,
    2. Hub and Spoke Diner
    3. Left Fork Grill

    Best Old-Timey Cafe
    Sill’s Cafe
    It’s a dang shame that many of our traditional cafes and diners are long gone. Not to worry, though, as one of the grandest remains: family-owned Sill’s Café in Layton. Want your heaping breakfast, piping hot cup of coffee and Utah’s best honey-butter scone served with a side of memory-lane enticements like “What can I get you, hon”? Look no further. Quality and friendly service never get old. 335 E. Gentile Lane, Layton, 801-544-7438,
    2. Left Fork Grill
    3. The Other Place

    • Courtesy Photo

    Best Sushi Restaurant
    You might as well etch this award in stone, because year after year, Best Sushi Restaurant will go to Takashi if Takashi-san is behind the counter. His meticulous attention to detail, preparation and innovation make this restaurant one of the finest in the state, let alone a single category. A must-try on the menu is the Pounamu Roll, made with New Zealand salmon and a delicious kiwi-yuzu-mango sauce. 18 W. Market St., SLC, 801-519-9595,
    2. Sapa Sushi Bar and Asian Grill
    3. Tona Sushi Bar and Grill

    The Mandarin’s crab and cream cheese wontons - JOHN TAYLOR
    • John Taylor
    • The Mandarin’s crab and cream cheese wontons

    Best Chinese Restaurant
    The Mandarin
    Since 1977, the Skedros family has owned and operated The Mandarin—the local Greek family had minimal experience or ties to Chinese cooking at that time, but hard work and determination allowed them to create a classic Chinese dining experience, down to the decor and Asian-inspired gardens outside. Each trip to The Mandarin is memorable, with traditional Chinese dishes delivered consistently and delicious every single time. 348 E. 900 North, Bountiful, 801-298-2406,
    2. Little World
    3. Veggie House

    Best Ogden Pizza
    Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria
    It was a close race, but Slackwater grabbed first place this year in a hotly contested category. Slackwater serves up artisan pizzas and craft beers—offering a great place for intimate dinners as well as well as larger gatherings at which to watch a game and have a bite. They also have locations in downtown Salt Lake and Sandy. 209 24th St., Ogden, 801-399-0637,
    2. The Lucky Slice
    3. Ogden Pizzeria

    Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant
    Table X
    Named recent regional semifinalists for the James Beard Best Chef award, Table X chefs Mike Blocher and Nick Fahs make each visit to their Millcreek eatery oh-so-memorable, where garden-fresh ingredients, much of it grown onsite, are celebrated. The single-tasting dinners (subject to change based on seasonality of produce) are worth the deposit, the price, the wait. Reserve a garden table and enjoy the view of the French potager garden with 13 raised beds. Then, next time, sit at the chef’s table—both settings are magical. Nothing we say here will do this restaurant justice. Have the seven-course meal! 1457 E. 3350 South, Millcreek, 385-528-3712,
    2. SLC Eatery
    3. Arlo Restaurant

    Best Japanese Restaurant
    Service, ambiance and out-of-this-world Japanese cuisine: Takashi has it dialed in. Utah’s most famous Japanese restaurant has been compared to Nobu in Las Vegas. Chef Gibo continues to please fans who stand in line to get a table. He will create dishes for you off the menu if you give him a price range for the ingredients which he will then turn into heaven in your mouth. Reservations are not accepted—it’s that good. 18 W. Market St., SLC, 801-519-9595,
    2. Sapa Sushi Bar and Asian Grill
    3. Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

    Best Restaurant Patio
    The Cliff Dining Pub
    Sometimes all you need is to sit around The Cliff Dining Pub’s fire rings on its patio overlooking the west side of the valley while sipping a beverage. Relax and take it all in. Occasionally, you’ll hear live entertainment. Add great atmosphere, an extensive drink menu and an overall yummy menu, and you have yourself a perfect gastropub staple at the south end of the Salt Lake Valley. You really need to dine here at sunset—the view is spectacular—and the creme brulee is a must. 12234 Draper Gate Drive, Draper, 801-523-2053,
    2. Arlo Restaurant
    3. Café Trio

    Best Restaurant in Downtown SLC
    The Copper Onion
    The Copper Onion is not only surviving but thriving after a decade or more in the biz. Whether you’re dining solo, with friends, or out for a cute date night, this is a favorite spot among locals. This is a shining gem in Salt Lake City, and you really cannot go wrong with anything on this menu, especially the Wagyu stroganoff, which is beyond dreamy. The cocktail menu is inspired, and we love their Old Fashioned. The bartenders are true geniuses. 111 E. 300 South, SLC, 801-355-3282,
    2. Cucina Toscano
    3. Michelangelo’s on Main

    Best Ogden Restaurant
    Tona Sushi Bar and Grill
    Tona Sushi—named after the owners Tina and Tony—serves some of the best sushi in the state, bar none. Tona Sushi prides itself on using seasonal ingredients, sustainable fishing practices and creativity in presentation and style. The uniqueness of its dishes is well exemplified with the “bacon bubble gum” which is served with Tokyo mochi rice cake, pork belly, grapefruit and sweet soy sauce. 210 25th St., Ogden, 801-622-8662,
    2. Table Twenty Five
    3. Roosters Brewing Co. & Restaurant

    Best Fine Dining
    Valter’s Osteria
    Italian born Valter Nassi stunned Utah diners with his authentic Tuscan-Italian cuisine when he opened his restaurant in 2012. He liked to call it “a modern twist on a Tuscan granary” and brought to Utahns his mother’s recipes that he refined over the years. Those lucky enough to discover his menu offerings raved over every bite, but the real treasure was interacting with Nassi himself. His larger-than-life personality made you feel like you’re a favorite customer the moment you walked in the door. Sadly, Nassi passed in September at age 76. High-end dining is still available in Utah, but no one can replace Nassi, his menu and his overall vibe. He’ll be dearly missed. 173 W. 300 South, SLC, 801-521-4563,
    2. Table X
    3. Log Haven Restaurant

    Vertical Diner vegan - mac & cheese - JOHN TAYLOR
    • John Taylor
    • Vertical Diner vegan mac & cheese

    Best Vegan Restaurant
    Vertical Diner
    Local vegans have more dining options than ever before, with more and more restaurants going all-out on vegan cuisine, while others have stepped up their vegan game. Vertical Diner’s a true believer’s haven, with a host of possibilities, from full entrees to sharable plates. The “wings,” in particular, are a hit with patrons both here in SLC and in the diner’s sister location in Portland. Friendly service rounds out the experience at this SLC vegan flagship, which has been hanging tough during nearby road construction. Fans don’t mind stepping across a few rocks for vegan food this solid. 234 W. 900 South, SLC, 801-484-8378,
    2. Zest Kitchen & Bar
    3. Old Cuss Cafe

    Best Health-Conscious Cuisine
    Vessel Kitchen
    Who knew it was possible to create an elevated dining experience through the fast-casual model? The founders of Vessel Kitchen did, and they do it well. Serving up scratch-made, seasonal and healthy food options for those on about any diet plan, the restaurant offers a wide variety served in the fast-casual model. Pick your protein and a tasty side or enjoy a perfectly composed bowl with all the goods. Various locations,
    2. Oasis Café
    3. Zest Kitchen & Bar

    Best Bread Bakery
    Vosen’s Bread Paradise
    Billed as a European bread paradise, Vosen’s is an authentic German bakery founded in 1997 by Markus Vosen and his wife, Silvia. The bread and dessert recipes were brought from Germany or developed by Markus using techniques that German master bakers have used for centuries. He also shipped the machines and equipment from Germany that were used to produce their breads sold at the Downtown Farmers Market and at their store across from Gateway. None of the products have artificial flavors, colors or preservatives or have added sugars or fats. In 2004, the Vosens sold their business to David and Michelle Porter, who have expanded the operation. 328 W. 200 South, SLC, 801-322-2424,
    2. Stoneground Bakery
    3. Eva’s Bakery

    Best Restaurant Beyond Downtown SLC
    Weller’s Bistro
    The namesake of German owner and chef Jan Weller, Weller’s Bistro is arguably the best restaurant in the state to enjoy authentic German cuisine like hühnerfrikassee, beef rouladen and schnitzel alongside not-so authentic fare like a Reuben modernized with jalapeno sauerkraut. Whatever you choose, your tastebuds will say “Danke!” And keep an eye out for Weller’s food truck, the Döner Wagon, for crave-worthy kebabs and brats. 197 N. Main St., Layton, 385-888-9531,
    2. Table X
    3. Provisions

    Best Appetizer Menu
    White Horse Spirits & Kitchen
    Delicious little snacks that can serve as a starter to your meal—or your meal itself, depending on your appetite—can be found at White Horse. Think beyond charcuterie (although you’ll find one of those on the menu). Open your mind instead to confit duck wings, BBQ carrots or the soothing Hamachi Crudo. 325 S. Main, SLC, 801-363-0137,
    2. Whiskey Street Cocktails & Dining
    3. Mazza Cafe

    Christopher Blatchford - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • Christopher Blatchford

    Best New Takeaway Barbecue
    Blatch’s Backyard BBQ
    This backyard barbecue is just that—made in Christopher Blatchford’s backyard in the Avenues with sides made from his own garden vegetables. This takeaway-only, text-to-order barbecue is not only delicious, but the best place to get vegan barbecue that’s treated with as much care as the meat—to unbelievable effect. 186 I St., SLC, 385-210-5029,

    Best Successful Track Record
    The Proper Restaurant and Brewing Group
    With a stellar brewery, a few classy but casual neighborhood eateries (Avenues Proper, Stratford Proper and Proper Burger Co.—serving some of the best burgers in town), the team at Proper has a proven track record of success. Each concept sticks to its respective guns for some of the most consistently delicious food and drink around. How do they do it? I suppose owning a brewery doesn’t hurt.

    Best Donut Bakery
    Donut Star
    Donuts themselves are easy to rate by their individual merits, but donut bakeries are a different beast altogether. Few donut shops embody the heart and soul of a bakery—a place warm, inviting and bursting with creativity, but this is where Donut Star really shines. In the past few years, it’s stepped up its game, becoming an unlikely gem in the Draper shopping district. You can come for the donuts, but be prepared to leave with breakfast sandwiches and fresh sourdough bread. 213 E. 12300 South, Ste. H1, Draper, 801-790-2615,

    Best Cuisine and Clubbing
    Ivy & Varley
    A club often has great drinks but lesser meals. A restaurant may provide great food but miss a social experience. Ivy & Varley offers a twofer under one roof. At Ivy, you get a restaurant meal that may start with the best Brussels sprouts dish in town, then move right next door to Varley and catch the club vibe that lasts till the wee hours. A real one-stop shop. 55 W. 100 South, SLC, 801-895-2846,

    Best African Restaurant
    Mahider Ethiopian
    One of the joys of dining out is gathering around a huge slab injera flatbread and scooping up piles of stewed lentils or grilled chicken. Mahider Ethiopian is Salt Lake’s go-to destination for traditional Ethiopian cuisine where diners can get a wide variety of classic dishes without any utensils to get in the way. Anyone who has a group of foodie friends that don’t mind getting their fingers dirty need to check this place out. 1465 S. State, Ste. 7, SLC, 801-975-1111,

    Best Seductive Dinners
    Christopher’s Prime Steak House
    Icebreaker—me, Branding Iron Cabernet; her, Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Opening nicety: lobster corn dogs. Flirts—me, creamed spinach; her, roasted asparagus. First disagreement—me, French onion soup; her, wedge salad. OK, Whatcha got?—me, The Kings Crown filet mignon with bearnaise sauce; her, Duroc pork chop with apple brandy sauce. Closer—Dom Perignon Brut. Next stop? A room upstairs in the Peery Hotel. 110 W. 300 South, SLC, 801-890-6616,

    Best Food Industry News
    Restaurateur Inner Circle Utah
    With over 10,000 members, this local Facebook group’s not a small one and the conversations range from best deals on fryers to new menu additions to the hottest tips on coming restaurants, bars, coffeeshops and the like. Though conversations can be freewheeling, there’s generally a helpful vibe to this priceless (and free) resource.

    Best Wi-Fi-Free Zone
    Coffee Garden
    When the coffee shop culture began, Coffee Garden in the heart of 9th & 9th was regarded not only as a place to awaken and start the day, but also a place to informally socialize (remember the couches at Central Perk in the sit-com Friends?). These days, though, a coffee shop seems more like a shared workspace with many folks not only sipping, but streaming—too often in isolation. Not at Coffee Garden! It doesn’t even offer Wi-Fi, and that’s soooo refreshing! Have your coffee (roasted by Caffe Ibis Roasters in Logan), have your fresh-baked muffin, croissant, tart or cookies. Then sit back and talk about it like you’re supposed to. 878 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-355-3425,

    Best at Winging It
    Trolley Wing Co.
    From their humble but clever opening over 20 years ago in an actual trolley car in Trolley Square, TWC is the clear pioneer in the category of wing-focused eateries. Three things stand them apart from the others: Their wings are not deep fried, they’re twice baked; they offer great side dishes; and they really, honestly, know the meaning of “hot”—ranging from “mild” to “atomic.” Their hot-wing challenge comes with—hold the phone—their aptly named “enema sauce.” That says it all. Multiple locations,

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