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Templin Family Wavy Boi and RoHa Brewers Select Twelve Twenty One 

Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to beers with holiday cheer.

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Templin Family - Wavy Boi: This new hazy IPA features Superdelic, Cryo-Superdelic, Starata, Nelson Savin and Motueka hops. The look is pale yellow-gold with mild haze (though totally opaque) and a wonderful head of eggshell foam, especially considering the ABV, featuring wonderful lacing and creaminess. The coloring may not be TF's most attractive, but the overall visual experience remains top notch; they flat-out make outstanding-looking ales and lagers.

Now that I've gotten to enjoy the portfolio of different TF beers, this one brings both familiar and unique notes. The distinctive yeast and Juicy Fruit personality are there, along with bright pineapple, lemon-lime and muddled tropical fruit. But here there are also strong notes of apricot, peach, pear and musky white grape, with a nice herbal and floral note at the end. A little piney resin lingers throughout, which is wonderful. In keeping with other TF beers, the aroma profile isn't huge and overwhelming—unlike most modern hazies—but instead somewhat delicate and extremely well-layered.

That flows into the taste profile, as well; if you gave this to a "haze bro" and didn't tell them it was a TF beer, I guarantee you they would say it was solid but not spectacularly hazy. That's just kind of where we are in the evolution of craft beer, and specifically IPAs. Honestly, there's a part of me that understands, but what's really remarkable about TF's stuff is how well-crafted they are. They may not be huge, but the nuances and notes they squeeze out of their beers are pretty remarkable.

Verdict: This is just a damn good beer—packed full of massive citrus flavor, with wonderful tropical accents. It's on the lighter side, ridiculously drinkable, but not sacrificing flavor or feel whatsoever. It's just so well-done. This would be a fantastic summer day-at-the-beach drinker, and a fine example of what simplicity can accomplish, while remaining interesting and unique. Excellent.

RoHa - Brewers Select [Twelve Twenty One]: This coffee stout was made with beans from Midway Coffee. It pours a dark fizzy head that attempts to rise up, but fades fairly quickly due to the oils from the beans. The nose brings lots of black malts and roast—some roasted malt out front, with a hint of char, as well as a hint of espresso and fresh roasted coffee beans, and a mild black malt aroma. Then some cocoa appears, dark caramel and fudge-y cocoa plus something resembling dark-chocolate-covered coffee beans

The taste brings more roast and coffee to start, a little black malt and faint acrid roast with a touch of a burnt coffee. There is some fresh-roasted coffee and a bit of espresso, but a bit more bitter and acrid as opposed to the nose. You do get some charred malts and black malt, with touches of cocoa and super-bitter dark chocolate, but not a lot this time, either. Mild creamy chocolate and a touch of fudge flavor follow, then hops kick in, earthy, spicy hops, that start fairly bitter and get very bitter on the finish. Mouthfeel is medium- to heavy-bodied, light on the carbonation.

Verdict: It has a great nose, while the taste had some good aspects but dropped off on the cocoa and fudge while increasing the roasty, slightly-burnt notes and bitterness. It has great characters, and was tasty in general. The lighter CO2 helps to make it creamier, and therefore a more pleasant experience overall.

Now that we're into December you'll probably want some full-flavored beers, and these will fit the bill nicely. Once you've filed up on the dark and rich, the tropical and fruity will be a good boomerang for the palate. Both are available in 16-ounce cans at their respective breweries. As always, cheers!

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