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Take Me Home Tonight, Limitless 

New DVDs Tuesday, July 19

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Take Me Home Tonight - ROGUE
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Take Me Home Tonight
Two 1980s losers (Topher Grace and Dan Fogler) steal a car, snort blow, crash a party, get laid and learn Valuable Life Lessons: Love conquers all, status isn’t everything, and Angie Everhart still looks great naked. (Rogue) Netflix

A burned-out writer (Bradley Cooper) takes a pill that unlocks his brain’s full capacity, and soon he’s rolling in money and women (like writers do). But, there are side effects, a bad guy (Robert DeNiro) and … a moral. Lame. (Relativity) Netflix

Miss G (Eva Green) runs a quiet, all-girls boarding school—until an exotic new transfer student (Maria Valverde) arrives; lush atmospheres, teen bullying and creepy sexual tension ensue. Mean Girls meets Showgirls? Sure. (IFC Films) Netflix

Peep World
Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Ben Schwartz, Judy Greer and more (yes, more!) star in the tale of a dysfunctional family exposed in a sibling’s new tell-all book. Arrested Development meets Showgirls? Sure. (IFC Films) Netflix

A criminal escaped from a rehab facility (Simon Delaney) cons a family into thinking he’s a superhero from outer space and sleeps with their teenage daughter (like outer-space superheroes do). Fun for kids of all ages! (MPI) Netflix

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