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I want to extend my concern about your seriously flawed survey question that was developed by your newspaper and the Pew Research Center, and used as part of your article titled “The Legend of the Utah Mormon” [Feb. 9, City Weekly].

Having worked at the former University of Utah Survey Research Center, I learned that how one phrased a question was as important or even more important than the answer. By asking the question of Mormons regarding their views about immigrants, you avoided the more crucial political issue of illegal immigrants that has become the primary source of contention among the American public and politicians.

As the word “illegal” is a loaded word and would not be appropriate to obtain an impartial survey response, it is still possible to substitute the phrase “immigrants who have no documents” into the original survey question about Mormon attitudes.

Unfortunately, by asking a “safe” question, City Weekly obtained a safe survey response that has very little value toward the current political issue facing Americans in this year’s presidential election.

Tab L. Uno

Editor’s Note: The Pew Research Center developed the survey and provided results to City Weekly. City Weekly had no involvement in the process of formulating questions or conducting the research.

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