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Supreme Court Appointees 

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Can you name all the judges on the Supreme Court? Or any case they ruled on? So, why do you worry about who gets appointed?

Julie Erickson: I´ve got to be honest, I´ve never worried about who gets appointed as a judge on the Supreme Court.

Brandon Burt: I always get Breyer and Souter mixed up for some reason. But, once judges are on the court, you just can’t get rid of them. They hardly ever die. They’re opinionated and powerful. Scalia even thinks the court’s reach should extend into our private bedrooms! So, hell yeah, I worry.

Lia Pretorius: Same reason I advocate my children reading books daily, but I don´t. It´s important, but I only have so much time for it.

Ted Scheffler: Let’s see … I know John, Paul and George. Who was the fourth one again? Oh! I got it! Sting!

Derek Jones: Our judicial system protects the people from power-hungry, partisan legislators in the pockets of special interests. If we did not have forward-thinking, rational justices on the court, we may still be living in a nation that sanctions slavery and racism and not reproductive rights. We all have a stake in who gets appointed.

Nick Clark: When a big decision gets to the Supreme Court–a la Roe v. Wade, Brown v. Board or GLBT v. Prop. 8–I would prefer to have Supreme Court judges who share my values.

Derek Carlisle: Wapner, Judy, Milian, Mathis, Hatchett, Toler, Y oung, Lopez and Joe Brown. They might not be Supreme, but they represent America better than the ones appointed.

Lara Grant: I can name two or three judges and cases but I don´t really care so much about the next appointee, as long as he or she is outrageously liberal enough to send all the Republicans into fits again! It´s been days since they last attacked Obama, and I always get a huge kick out of watching them froth at the mouth and predict the end of the world.

Jerre Wroble: A Supreme Court appointment is huge. The court’s rulings echo throughout our lives in big and little ways. For people to choose to be uninformed about how our government works turns them into whining victims.

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