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Sundays Aren't the Real Reason 

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Boy, I wish I’d been here last week, instead of in Boston, when the Utes were “fully invited” to a BCS Conference, where they can continue the quest for perfection. I was saddened to know that the only reason BYU wasn’t invited to the PAC 10/12 (or the Big 12/10) was because they wouldn’t play on Sundays. But it was good for them to stick to their guns, and their faith, and do the right thing!

Except—if you search the newspapers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and California—you learn that the reason the Cougars were not the preferred team from Utah is because BYU is not a research “university,” it concentrates on undergraduate degrees, it has a lousy reputation nationally and it doesn’t bring the Mountain time-zone TV market to the table any more than Utah does.

And does anyone remember the article in Sports Illustrated some years ago about BYU being the most hated school in America?

The Utes have proven themselves athletically, but also academically. Utah has a Nobel Prize winner, BYU doesn’t. Utah has the medical school that invented the artificial heart, BYU doesn’t. Utah has a real law school, BYU turns out a bunch of lawyers. Do I have to explain the difference?

It is not about Sunday. It’s about everyday.

Oh, and don’t forget that Mormons are spending millions of dollars to hate gay people, especially in California. That was a factor, and BYU really messed up on that.

The Big 12 has Baylor, which was forced on them, and they don’t want or need another religious school that can’t compete at their level. A Google search came up with one article that had an official from an Oklahoma school saying that if the Big 12 wanted back into the Mountain time zone, they might look at Air Force, BYU or New Mexico, but he doubted it.

Congratulations, Cougars! You are now as appealing to the Big 12 as New Mexico! Enjoy your stay in the MWC, and hope (pray) that they don’t kick you out, and you end up back in the WAC!

Jeff Stickley

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