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Sundance: Wisest Walks 

How to get from Point A to Theater B.

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The shuttle bus map on the festival catalog´s last page includes approximate walking times between each venue, and that’s about as close to a sure thing as you’re going to get. Note that the Temple Theatre didn’t even make the grid; better catch a bus for that one, although it may be smarter to walk to the Yarrow/Holiday Village stop. Forgetting the dirty brown slush that covers the city after it snows, here are some of the most advantageous theater strolls:

Holiday Village/Yarrow to the Library: The Park City Library is a straight shot on Park Avenue from the Yarrow/Holiday Village complex, but you wouldn’t know it from the shuttle routes and city buses, which all take detours to other theaters or resorts. If the weather is miserable, you could take a city bus up to Deer Valley Drive and get off before it goes toward the resorts, and/or cross Deer Valley Drive to catch a bus the rest of the way. Otherwise, enjoy the quiet(ish) stroll through a less festival-crazed part of town.

Eccles to Prospector: Both the Theatre Loop and Eccles Loop go straight from Prospector Square to the Eccles auditorium, but if you’re going the opposite direction or don’t want to risk an AWOL bus, try the 15-minute walk across Kearns Blvd. and into the Prospector neighborhood.

Library to Main Street: If the oft-delayed Main Street/Headquarters Loop shuttle isn’t on its way, you might as well make your way farther down Park Avenue and cut over to Main via any street between 9th and 5th Street. Most city buses going your way will help you complete the trip. (See the food section for fast restaurants on this walk.)

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