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Stop Dancing Like No One Is Watching; UTA Has Problems, But Boozy Riders Ain't One 

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Stop Dancing Like No One Is Watching
My husband and I have been Red Butte Garden members for years, and we've been attending concerts since at least 2001. Up until this year, the only complaint we've had were people butting into the general admission line for the concerts. One person would save a space in line all day only to have up to 20 additional friends drop in line with them prior.

Still, until this year, we've been very happy. We've never been so upset or disappointed in people. We've had people walk through our area, stepping over our food in the process. One person actually placed her foot between our sandwiches as she stepped over us. People have nearly knocked us over as they squeeze through to grab spots in front of us. We've had people stand behind our group talking loudly, and when we've asked that they move so we can hear, they've talked louder.

Those same people have then stood the entire concert whether the crowd is standing or not. We have not been able to see the stage unless we stand also. I'm not 16 anymore ... I want to relax and enjoy. There will always be a time—usually the end—in any good concert when the whole crowd stands. In other years, it's always been this way—people stand the first song or two, then sit until the end when everyone gets rocking. This year, mostly it's a wall of backs that people see if they sit anywhere.

On the Red Butte website, there are terms and conditions, which state: "Concert participants must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and must refrain from conduct and language that would be offensive and/or disruptive to performers or other concert participants."

I'm not sure if dancing and blocking people's view would be considered disruptive to other concert participants or not, but I think it's very rude. Everyone who attends the concert should enjoy it. If people want to sit, they should be able to see the stage, especially if they've sat all day in line for the privilege.

If people want to stand and dance, they should be able to enjoy that also, by dancing in the dance area. Since the area is too small to accommodate many people, another option would be to have one of the sides open for people who wanted to stand and/or dance throughout the concert.

How sad is it that our society has become so selfish they no longer respect the rights of others. In addition, how sad that we have to write Red Butte to ask them to baby-sit their guests.

Mary Martinez
Salt Lake City

UTA Has Problems, But Boozy Riders Ain't One

I was in the process of writing an article regarding UTA and our local cab service when I read the "Booze Train" letter in the Aug. 28 issue. I have my own concerns with UTA, which have to do with it not being able to accommodate those who have shifts that start at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m., or shifts that end at 12 a.m. or 1 a.m., and who work weekends and holidays. That's all another story and will be addressed another time.

Then I read this letter. The writer stated he had boarded Trax and smelled brews and heard much loud talking which made him so angry he wanted UTA to be shut down. It must have been somebuddies getting together, tipping a few, and enjoying a safe ride home on the train.

UTA has police to verify rider payment and to keep the peace.Get real, Mr. Cotant. We have enough problems with the results of drinking and driving. Chill out, change seats, grab a good book and enjoy your own safe ride home.

Mark Bowers

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