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From a box of chocolates, which is your favorite chocolate?

Emily Prachthauser: The one with the golden ticket.

Justin Healy: Dark chocolate truffle! Nothing is better. Hmm, I might need to go buy one after work.

Andrea Moore: I like anything that isn’t the fruity cream kind. Those are disgusting and remind me of childhood medicines. Then again, I would probably still eat them if they were placed in front of me.

Ben Rosch: The ones that don’t taste like toothpaste or have coconut or nuts in general, or even chocolate for that matter.

Nathan Levinson: Mint chocolate truffles turn me on.

Nick Clark: Any that still have the element of surprise: not the chocolates that have been torn apart, nibbled on or poked. Oh, and any with nuts.

Jamie Gadette: Anything but that awful cherry cordial. Fruit and chocolate should not mix, especially when drenched in preservatives. Gag.

Jennifer Higgins: Anything with caramel and nuts, if my boyfriend doesn’t eat them first!

Mike Collins: The ones that don’t give me cavities, and caramel.

Scott Renshaw: Thanks to Forrest Gump, I’m now unable to enjoy anything from a box of chocolates.

Jeremiah Smith: I find box chocolate way too sweet. But, if I had to pick, I guess it would have to be the last one.

Susan Kruithof: From V Chocolates, the caramel with dark chocolate. OMG. Almost as good as sex … almost.

Bryan Bale: I prefer the kind without any nuts. It should melt in my mouth so I can savor it.

Derek Carlisle: The very next one I eat until I get to the one that someone has already bitten into and spoiled all the fun.

Suzie Broshaus: Thinking “outside the box,” I would have to go with chocolate espresso beans. Let’s get wired!

Annie Quan: I like the plain old caramel and chocolate.

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