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Staffbox | Who’s your favorite print journalist? 

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Local or national, who’s your favorite print journalist?

Ted McDonough: I always enjoy Michael Isikoff, the investigative reporter for Newsweek, who uncovered the Lewinsky-Clinton business and later uncovered torture at Abu Ghraib. Great muckraker.

Bryan Bale: Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist (because of his work in Darfur).

Kathy Mueller: Why, the Grand Poohbah himself, John Saltas!

Caesar Guzman: Gadi Dechter or Julie Bykowicz

Chelsie Booker: I refuse to answer this question, as I will not [consciously] contribute to any tear-filled eyes or broken hearts. Cheers to all!

Cody Winget: Chuck Klosterman.

Jamie Gadette: Joan Didion.

Brandon Burt: I like Jeff Gannon aka James Guckert because he continues to demonstrate how important it is to repurpose one’s skill set in this trying job market: If your career as a gay call boy peters out, simply become a conservative media whore.

Nick Clark: Michael Azerrad taught me that there was more to a band than just their music. He was the reason I subscribed to Rolling Stone as a kid.

Bill Frost: Tim Goodman of The San Francisco Chronicle, the only TV critic who doesn’t suck. Someday, I aspire to suck less. Or more, should I ever need a daily local gig.

Derek Carlisle: The late, great Hunter S. Thompson has to be No. 1, nailing all sorts of gonzo events while grasping his six-shooter tightly.

Emily Prachthauser: Eric Schlosser’s got to be on the list. His work includes a two-part article he wrote for Rolling Stone, which evolved into Fast Food Nation, a profoundly impactful book about the dark side of fast food and slaughterhouses.

Jerre Wroble: Dearly departed Molly Ivins was a favorite. Her take on this year’s presidential race will be missed.

Eric S. Peterson: Bob Bernick Jr. at the D-News has got a good nose for dirt. I was quite jealous over that scoop he had several weeks back on Huntsman’s skirting election laws by listing donations from his PAC instead of the actual individual donors; that was a nice one. I tip my hat to you, sir!

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