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Staffbox | Who do you like for vice president? 

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It’s waaaay early, but who do you like for vice president?

Jamie Gadette: Henry Rollins.

Jeff Reese: Kermit the Frog.

Brandon Burt: Somebody needs to put some work into the … um, what color is the veep’s house? Beige? Right; the Cheneys have run the Beige House into the ground. How about Norm Abram from The New Yankee Workshop? He’ll have it fixed up in no time.

Faith Burnham: Haven’t thought that far out yet, but as long as his/her last name isn’t Cheney I’m sure I’ll be able to tolerate them!

Kathy Mueller: Somebody pick up my man Dennis Kucinich, please.

Stephen Matney: I once heard that Mickey Mouse always wins the presidency by write-in vote, so ... Donald Duck, although Goofy might be a better choice. Less quick to react.

Derek Jones: Vice president you say? I nominate Oprah to aid Barack Obama for the next four years.

Nathan Levinson: I’d love to see an Obama/Jolie ticket. Angelina is one hot humanitarian. My C-Span consumption would increase dramatically.

Scott Renshaw: I think I would like anyone who would restore the traditional role of the vice-presidency: attending state funerals, heading up pointless task forces, not shooting people in the face. In other words, someone more content with blending into the scenery for four years than with being a power-mad douchebag.

Justin Healy: I don’t really care who the vice president is. I would like to see a Democratic presidential candidate with a Republican vice president. Let’s mix things up a bit.

Bill Frost: On the Republican side, Karl Rove—he’s tanned, rested and ready. For the Democrats ... is it too soon to drop Rocky’s name?

Bryan Bale: Actually it’s not all that early. I’d like to see Nancy Pelosi as VP leading up to the election. Well, I’m not really keen to have her in that position; but if she’s there, that would mean Cheney had been impeached, and that would be cause for great celebration.

Jennifer Higgins: Sigh ... what’s the point? The people they give us are all a joke and the electronic voting system is a fraud anyway.

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