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Staffbox | What’s your favorite cocktail? 

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What is your favorite cocktail? Supply recipe.

Kathy Mueller: Buy bottle of wine, remove cork, pour into glass … voila!

Ted McDonough: Nearly impossible to get in Utah. It’s called a martini (pronounced mar-TEE-nee). Recipe: Tip bartender. Order two martinis. Pour one martini into second martini glass. Top with olive.

Brandon Burt: A martini with detectable quantities of both dry and sweet vermouth is called “perfect”: 3 ounces gin, 1/8 ounce each of dry and sweet vermouth, dash bitters, ice. Shake, pour and garnish with three olives—the good olives. Ted McDonough thinks this “bruises” the gin—I contuse the hell out of it!

Jamie Gadette: Gin & tonic. Gin, tonic, ice, lime.

Susan Kruithof: This is a stolen recipe from the lovely Suzanne Frost. It’s a “Red Suzy” (her Salt City Derby Girls handle). Basically a variant of a margarita: Liberal amounts of tequila, sweet-and-sour mix or limeade, pineapple juice and Chambord. I just guess on amounts, sample frequently and drink liberally. The Chambord makes it red. Yummy!

Jesse James Burnitt: Beer, dark. Tortilla chips, salty. Salsa, hot. Drink, dip and munch. Drink more.

Derek Jones: You can never go wrong with a Perfect Manhattan … two shots of your favorite whiskey/bourbon, both sweet and dry vermouth, shaken, and garnished with a cherry. Yum, yum.

Faith Burnham: I don’t drink cocktails … unless you count a shot of tequila followed by a beer as some sort of trashy-fabulous cocktail. Let’s name it the Wannabe Guttertramp and it’ll be the new beverage of the moment!

Nathan Levinson: The Buttars Molotov—One part moron, one part hate. Just ignite and chuck at people you fear.

Chelsie Booker: Whiskey (preferably Jameson) + ginger ale + more whiskey = happy time!

Jeff Reese: Jack and Coke. Does that count as a cocktail? As for the recipe, the amount of Jack goes up the more of them I have.

Justin Healey: My favorite cocktail is one banana, a couple cups of soy milk and a bunch of frozen berries. So delicious and smooth.


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