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Staffbox | What’s the best way to deal with cyberbullies? 

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Kathy Mueller: A cyberpunch right in the kisser.n

Nick Clark: Run and tell their cybermommies?

Jamie Gadette: I’ve learned (the hard way) that it’s better to just walk away. Give “anonymous” an inch …

Stephen Matney: Probably not by hiding in a cybercorner cybercrying like I would’ve done in cyber-junior high school.

Doug Kruithof: Hmm … with a polite, yet firm, stroke of the “delete” key.

Mark Ludemann: Ctrl+Z.

Scott Renshaw: Hire my cyberbodyguard?

Cody Winget: Sic my cyber big brother on their nameless, faceless, anonymous, chickens—t asses. My cyber big brother plays fantasy football and baseball, so you know he’s tough.

Ben Rosch: Find some random insecurity and exploit it until they cry themselves to sleep every night.

Jesse James Burnitt: Create a cyberbully-eating digital monster to devour them. Nom, nom, nom.

Nathan Levinson: Give ’em the e-bird and an iPoke.

Jackie Briggs: You post a picture of Chuck Norris and then politely type, “Now, what did you say?”

Marc Brancaccio: GFYS ;)

Cesar Guzman: Remember: You have the power to click “delete” on that horrible e-mail. You have the ability to block someone—so do it!

Holly Mullen: If they are male, I like to make references to their itsy-bitsy man junk. No seriously, it’s best to ignore them, right?

Bryan Bale: Ignore them. Starve them of the attention they crave. Don’t stoop to their level.

Bryan Mannos: Easy! Reconsiculate their IP through a miagidoe intertwine leveraging manipulator, reversing their PTR record into that of an North Korean address. Last time they bully you! tttt

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