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Staffbox | What can the Legislature do for you

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Anything you’d like for the Legislature to do just for you this year?

Brandon Burt: Get HB89 out of committee and vote on it. I’m fortunate that my place of employment doesn’t discriminate, but I know a lot of people who aren’t so lucky. The voters deserve to know which of our legislators is in favor of job discrimination.

Justin Healy: Get off their asses and pass some legislation that will actually make a difference! Is that too much to ask?

Derek Jones: I would very much like the Legislature to take its head out of its ass this year.

Lindsay Larkin: Stop taxing the shit out of me. I have a shopping habit to support … I mean bills to pay.

Faith Burnham: Lift the ordinance limiting me to two dogs. There are tons of retired racing greyhounds that need foster homes, and I want to help them without bending laws!

Nick Clark: Eliminate 3.2.

Derek Carlisle: Move HB325 (Bullying and Hazing) to No. 1! Hey, we gotta protect the little guys out there.

Jeremiah Smith: Personally, I would like the Legislature to put a ban on subzero temperatures. Or legislators could just overturn the smoking-in-bars ban. If they could do that, they would all get my vote next term .

Jeff Reese: I would love for them to make an honest effort to cut our dependency on fossil fuels. Is that a little too optimistic?

Nathan R. Levinson: Approve the construction of a bubble that would cover the Salt Lake City area and maintain a constant temperature of 80 degrees inside. Please plant some palm trees in said bubble.

Bryan Bale: Keep your religion out of my government.

Kathy Mueller: Daddy, I want a golden goose!!

Jerre Wroble: Take a year off. We could do without any more social-engineering bills. Those should only be allowed on odd-number years.

Holly Mullen: Yes. Please keep your nose out of my bedroom. If you can’t do that one thing, at least leave this gorgeous state free of nuke plants.

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