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Staffbox | Wal-Mart or Kmart? Or neither and why? 

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Cesar Guzman: Wal-Mart, because I get the employee discount! Yay!

Manda Bull: Retro ’80s Kmart with the food court and photo booth. Oh, nostaglia!

Kathy Mueller: Give me Target! Kmart is still trying to move the same merchandise that has been on the shelves since 1980. I fear for my life in Wal-Mart. Things are stacked a little too high on inferior shelving … scary.

Nick Clark: Kmart because the mystery of the “K” still intrigues me. I know what the “Wal” is for: Communism.

Christopher Westergard: Gross! I frequent neither! I avoid all retail shops that have the word “mart” in their name.

Derek Carlisle: With classic brands like Jordache, Wrangler, Cherokee and all the Lees you need, I’ll pick either. It does seem Kmart has more parking, especially on 4670 S. 900 East.

Brandon Burt: We’re a Costco family, but out of all the ’marts, I like the Gay-Mart in Chicago best. Kind of like Cahoots or Cabin Fever, it sells things like kitschy refrigerator magnets (shaped like kitschy refrigerators!) and cool Taiwanese wind-up robots.

Annie Quan: Neither. It’s all about Target! If we could just get one downtown, that would be amazing.

Cody Winget: Neither, if I can help it. I just don’t really like discount superstores … Target is tolerable. At least they pay their employees fairly and offer full benefits packages. Plus, as a personal choice—they’re cleaner and much more organized.

Doug Kruithof: Wal-Mart, ’cause it put my previous employer outta biz, which thrust me into the world of publishing.

Jackie Briggs: Wal-Mart makes me sick for a number of reasons, but when you go into a store and come out with the actual flu, well, they got problems.

Jerre Wroble: I took one small step for yuppiedom and walked into Wal-Mart recently. I bought coffee (free trade, no less) and cat food and dog treats. They were really cheap. Cheap vs. sleep. It’s a dilemma, I tell ya.

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