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Staffbox | 2007 New Year’s resolutions 

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Did you accomplish your 2007 New Year’s resolution? If not, will you try, try again in 2008?

Andrea Moore: Every morning, I wake up and tell myself I will not drink tonight. Every night, I enjoy a martini or whiskey on the rocks. If I can’t go a day, surely, I can’t go a year. Why set myself up to fail?

Annie Quan: I believe our group resolution of “be reasonable” was accomplished. There were a few close calls, however.

Susan Kruithof: Last year’s was smoke ’em if you got ’em. So this year, I’m at least going to try to stop the tobacco abuse.

Scott Renshaw: I’ve resolved to begin using the Chinese lunar calendar as the starting point for my resolutions. Far less external pressure in February.

Bill Frost: Last year, I resolved to hit Del Taco on Highland’s Taco Tuesday more often—mission accomplished. In 2008, I resolve to become a vegan and shame the movement.

Nathan R. Levinson: My resolution was to stay the course. I nailed it. Still smokin’, still drinkin’, still pimpin’.

Faith Burnham: I didn’t make any resolutions for ’07, and I don’t think I’ll make any for ’08. What can I say, I like the fact that I’ll never disappoint myself!

Emily Prachthauser: Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned laziness? Goals are for pansies. And they cause undue stress. So, I guess my goal, if I had to have one, is to lower stress-related health problems. I’m looking out for you guys.

Nick Clark: I’m not dead or divorced, so I guess so.

Jamie Gadette: Yes, I did, and I hope to accomplish my next one. And, no, you don’t get to know what it is.

Jeremiah Smith: I did accomplish most of what I set out to do in 2007. Then again, I only set small goals that are easy to reach. That way, I feel like a winner all year.

Jeff Reese: I resolved to never again make New Year’s resolutions. … I like to make them in the spring instead when I am a little more sober.

James Burnitt: Yes, yes and yes! I lived life to the fullest of my energies and abilities; I feared nothing and took chances, regardless of the pain or reward; and I toured Europe with my band!

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