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Staff Ethics 

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What’s an “ethical lapse” you’ve committed?

Lindsay Fenton:
Nice try.  Ask me again in six years when the statute of limitations runs out.

Rachel Scott: I don’t think that is something I can divulge unless I’ve had a few drinks in me. Talk to me in a few hours!

Dan Nailen:
As an adolescent music geek, I stole cassette tapes from an Ogden Smith’s on a semi-regular basis until inevitably being caught, on video no less, and scared straight. But would YOU pay for a Glass Tiger album?

Scott Renshaw:
Can’t I just steal the most interesting idea that somebody else already submitted?

Rachel Piper: I tried to steal some kitten bookmarks from the Waldenbooks in Layton Hills Mall when I was in elementary school. The clerk and my mom caught me, and I spent the rest of my childhood thinking I was the scum of the earth. I also fudged my weekly piano-practicing log, but I have zero regrets about that one. Sorry, Mrs. Conrad, but playing the piano sucks.

Susan Kruithof: To answer this would be incriminating. I plead the Fifth!

Jerre Wroble:
I feel ethically challenged when I shop at a big-box store. What can I say? Sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants, and occasionally, that’s cheap dog food and Christmas wrapping paper.

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