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What’s a sport you think is broken, and how would you fix it?

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What’s a sport you think is broken, and how would you fix it?

Colby Frazier: I worship and require but one sporting event per year: Utah versus BYU on the football field. With the upcoming absence of this game for the next two years, all is lost and all is broken.

Mikey Saltas: The NBA and MLB. They reward players with long contracts late in their careers. Limit contracts to five years, non-guaranteed, and with a hard salary cap per team.

Scott Renshaw: Golf needs something to spark interest in the wake of a fading Tiger Woods era. I propose they turn tournaments into Hunger Games-style elimination events, with popular golfers getting a chance to have fans at home send them advantages. And let’s face it, The Masters becomes just that much better with killer monkeys around Amen Corner.

Colin Wolf: Professional wrestling. Did you know that most of the female wrestlers have fake boobs?

Derek Carlisle: All college athletes who make the team should get their college education paid in full whether or not they are dropped or injured. The schools make way too much cash off these students’ abilities. Something should be done about the coaches’ salaries while we’re at it —ludicrous.

Eric Peterson: I think Ultimate Fighting could be improved if the refs could instead of stopping a fight, pause it and allow a standing 10 count. Sometimes a fighter lands a super-lucky strike that drops his opponent, and the ref just stops it way too soon. If there were some leeway to give a fighter a chance to recover from a strike, the fights would be better for fans and better tests of the combatants’ abilities.

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