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Splashing With Sorensen 

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I am prompted to write to D.P. Sorensen after reading the April 18 letter in City Weekly titled “Stale Satire” by Drew Nelson.

Please know that Nelson’s view doesn’t reflect mine or, likely, the majority of your readers. The LDS Church, the Roman Catholic Church and other religious organizations that become financially and politically powerful need to be held accountable and have the sanitizing effect of public light being shed on them. If that process is accomplished through satire, so be it.

Sorensen’s damned good at the art form, and I encourage him to keep it up. Even Joseph Smith himself admitted, in the Doctrine & Covenants, the tendency for those with power to exercise “unrighteous dominion.” The Deep End helps to rein in the oligarchy on North Temple a little; it is badly needed.

I am a lifelong member of the LDS Church, having been born into the flock of goodly parents. Over the years, I have held significant administrative and leadership positions in the LDS Church locally and am now what would best be described as a “cultural” Mormon. I am informed as to the problems with the church’s history that are now surfacing in such an accessible and public way, namely through the Internet. Of course, there are rants by emotionally and intellectually shallow malcontents, but much of the historical information is solidly based in careful research and can’t be ignored by the LDS Church.

As you are likely well aware, subtle changes in church’s curriculum, temple ceremonies and its public face over the past decade or so illustrate that it is painfully aware and concerned. The LDS Church has a competent PR department that has to balance “God’s unchanging truth” with the cold, hard facts of scientific and empirical revelations.

Please continue your entertaining and valuable diving in the Deep End.

Faithfully treading water in the Deep End, I remain,
Salt Lake City

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