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Sorensen Goes Too Far 

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You know, off and on, over the past few years, I have seen City Weekly and perused some articles while eating lunch. Many are extremely one-sided and off-the-wall, others informational, but I understand what the interest and audience is in our community for certain topics. However, one [“Flu Tests,” Oct. 29, City Weekly] goes way over the top.

I don’t know who D.P. Sorensen is, but what makes him or any of the staff think it’s OK to denigrate mercilessly and joyfully drag through the mud other people’s deepest beliefs? Just talking about sacrament cups and joking about how to handle swine flu would be fine, no problem. But when you get into the area of temple practices and discussing them as though they were information on the latest news show, you go too far.

Is Sorensen a disgruntled ex-LDS person, or just completely prejudiced? Would he ever dare do that sort of extreme treatment on sacred Muslim, American Indian, Buddhist or his own sacred antireligious beliefs? It is appalling and terribly saddening to those of us in this community to see this put out as acceptable reading material. I personally would like to see an apology printed soon from Sorensen, and hope that deeply personal, sacred issues (not true, fun satire) could be off-limits in the future. The letter to the editor from Dennis Kostecki in that same issue should also be read and considered carefully by your staff.

Marilyn Nunez

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