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Solving Susaeta's Problem 

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The reason the City Weekly’s “farts don’t smell” [“Tell a Real Story for Real People,” Letters, June 25, City Weekly] is because they got off their elitist motherfucking asses and went out in the street and sold those ads.

Michael Susaeta complains about a bunch of other “yuppie diapers” who also got off their asses and had the “balls”—even the women—to start their own businesses and became “rich” because they got their money by working. They didn’t ask any other person for a job or permission to work. They just worked.

Here are three things Susaeta could do to solve his problem: 1. Get out of Utah. In Utah, people are paid half what they are paid in other states, and they are abused besides by teenage managers. 2. Get training and/or an education. 3. Get a job. Then save at least 10 percent of your pay for the future to start your own business.

And, if a guy in Utah County announces that he is a Mormon and he has an investment opportunity for you, put your hand over your wallet and run like hell!

Michael Pierce
Spanish Fork

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