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Sobering Allegations 

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Stephen Dark’s recent cover story [“In Your Face,” April 28, City Weekly] featured Cottonwood Heights bar owner Jim Stojack, who claims his family, employees and customers face harassment from DUI cops as part of an alleged orchestrated effort by larger forces to close his business. Stojack’s tale struck a chord with bar patrons and Cottonwood Heights residents, many of whom echoed his tales of police harassment.

“This is a known problem. Cottonwood Heights residents fear the police that are there to protect them,” commenter bluesBrother posted. Unhappy agreed. “I used to go to Canyon Inn every Tuesday and constantly was being pulled over by cops for no good reason!”

Commenter stevenshane was unmoved by the claims of unjust persecution. “I hate it when the cops harass poor innocent drunk drivers. So unfair.  Booooofuckinghoooo!”

Rant Control agrees with Becca, who says, “It is never OK to drive drunk. ... This isn’t what the story is about. ... The fact that the Stojacks own an establishment that serves alcohol on property that is coveted by people ... makes [them] a scapegoat.”

Businesses that serve liquor are challenged enough by Utah’s customs and regulations. Add overzealous law enforcement to the mix, and you may as well slap an “out of business” sign on the door. This wouldn’t be the first time the powers that be have used demon rum (and those who serve it) to make political hay. 
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