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Soapbox: Nov. 24-Nov. 30 

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Cover Story, Nov. 24, "Give!"
THANKS @CityWeekly for including us in your list of stellar nonprofits! Proud to be a part of this esteemed group!
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Some great charities spotlighted. These and many other volunteer organizations make Utah not only great for volunteerism—but No. 1.
Utah Dept. of Heritage & Arts
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Love this! Another great charity I totally recommend is the Utah chapter of Support the Girls, It's Utah's first donation drive for bras and feminine hygiene products for women and girls in need in our state. They're collecting donations at six different locations until the end of the year, and they totally need more attention for how great of an idea this is!
Heather Baldock

Five Spot, Nov. 24, Dave Mortensen
@CityWeekly we ❤ you.
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Private Eye, Nov. 24, "Bite Me, Carl"
And the Big Carl is supposed to be a Big Mac?! WTF.
Jack Mattson
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Should read: "Carl's Jr. Doing Everything to Harm Own Brand." Also, isn't their $6 Burger $8 now?
Corey O'Brien
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It seems like several establishments have a Western burger. *Shrug*
Tiffany Russell
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It's the West and it's a bacon cheeseburger ... Carl's needs to grow up.
Karen Jo Turner
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Screw Carl's Jr. and their trademark. Apollo not only makes a better burger, they have gyros. And baklava.
Doug Rice

Seems there is a trademark on Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger, too. They've had the trademark since 9/8/1987. Guess you need to Google your entire menu before you print it to keep the corporate lawyers at bay. Who knew?
Donald Atkinson
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Carl's cannot hold a candle to Apollo Burger.
Jamie Moore Zayach
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Another reason to hate Carl's Jr.
Megan Bury Saine
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Carl's Jr. probably shouldn't draw attention to a place that makes much better food if they are worried about harm to their brand.
Paul Bushman
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Ooh, gross! Have you looked at the makeup of a burger patty from Carl's Jr.?
Restaurants in Utah
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Never eating at Carl's Jr. again.
Amanda Stewart
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This burger is WAY better at Apollo Burger.
Amanda Lund Anderson
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Carl's Jr. is good. But Apollo burger is much better, and cleaner as well.
Tom Henning
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I was eating at Carl's Jr. once a week because it is close to my work, but haven't eaten there once since I read about the lawsuit.
Rick Krause
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True TV, Nov. 24, "Girls' Town"
I loved that a huge chunk of the [Gilmore Girls] cast came back. I'm hoping that the four last words means they will continue on to more seasons. They aren't finished milking that cash cow!
Catherine Duncan
Via Facebook It's not just millennial females who like this show, just sayin'.
Kevin Lindstrom
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Health care is a basic human right
As part of my experience of working as a certified nursing assistant, I learned that it is a basic human right for everyone to receive adequate health care. However, when patients can't pay for their care or have no health insurance, ethical controversies and economic issues arise. While patients have the right to refuse treatment and have privacy, the only right they do not have is to refuse to pay. Government health care has helped with this financial burden, but hospitals still lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on uninsured patients. If the cost of care is so detrimental, should hospitals have the right to refuse care? I realized that this creates an ethical issue. What is the ethical responsibility of caring for uninsured patients if the cost is too great?
  Through my research, I still found it extremely hard to come up with a foolproof solution. However, I learned that health care encompasses a wide variety of situations; not all problems can be solved by one solution. Most of my research had the same bottom line: Take care of patients first, and worry about costs later. There is a general responsibility of humankind to take care of each other. Human lives are on the line, and ultimately, the goal is to figure out the most efficient way to save them.
Savannah Nelson,

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